Madridejos Plans for Seaport to Boost Poultry Egg Industry

In Northwestern Cebu, the Municipality of Madridejos has emerged as an unexpected powerhouse, distributing poultry eggs to Iloilo and Bacolod in Western Visayas, which amounts to ₱10 million monthly. Even with its prolificness, there is still a lack of direct transportation for these goods. Madridejos Mayor Romeo Villaceran now introduces their plans to make a local seaport, expecting a revenue boost of ₱40 million when they start their operations.

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Madridejos is located on Bantayan Island, which earned the moniker “egg basket” of Central Visayas. They produce a whopping 1.9 to 2 million eggs daily. The seaport is anticipated to revolutionize the egg industry here, considering their lack of direct transportation. This will reduce travel costs and complexities, which do put a setback on their business.

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The mayor highlighted the importance of streamlining the transportation of poultry eggs, which can be achieved through a local port. In the status quo, transportation is done through a convoluted route that involves multiple transfers. The proposed port is located in Barangay Poblacion, Madridejos, which is anticipated to cut time and travel costs by a huge margin. Mayor Villaceran not only sees this proposal as a benefit for the industry, but also a game changer in terms of their growth in business.

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This would open up Madridejos to more provinces due to close proximity, including Caticlan on Panay Island, Masbate, and Negros Island. This puts Madridejos in a strategic position in terms of economic development.

Aside from its economic impact, the seaport proposal could also improve the island regarding tourism. Mayor Villaceran envisions that the port could be utilized by passenger vessels which can cater to tourist arrivals. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia also pledged her support for the project, from which Villaceran sought assistance. Madridejos is currently coordinating with the Cebu Port Authority and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to pass requirements for environmental compliance.

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The project will truly benefit Madridejos and open up multiple opportunities, all while adhering to sustainable growth and economic diversification.

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