Skip the Underwear: #1 Tip This Summer Season Said House Representative Garin

Sugboanons, the heat is on, so House Deputy Majority Leader Janette Garin advised skipping underwear altogether for a more breathable summer.

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The former secretary of the Department of Health and the current House Deputy Majority Leader, Janette Garin, said that fungal infections often become rampant during the summer season, and women are the most susceptible.

“It’s not a sexually transmitted disease. It is due to the women’s natural flora in the intimate area, in the perineal area of women,” said Garin, adding that the area is the “perfect petri dish” for bacteria and fungi to grow. The candida albicans in the skin will multiply and become itchy. The more you scratch, the more it will itch. You should not scratch it.”

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On the other hand, Health Secretary Ted Herbosa contradicted Garin’s opinion and advised against going commando to avoid yeast or vaginal fungal infection. “That advice is usually for candidiasis,” he said during the Senate committee hearing. “Wearing cotton underwear is an option if you don’t want to go commando because it also does not trap moisture,” Herbosa added, along with the information that men are not susceptible to infections due to different Ph levels in the genital areas.

Other Tips For the Tag-Init

Sip water

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It is essential to stay hydrated, especially when temperatures are high. But always be careful when you arrive home from a very hot outdoor activity not to drink large amounts of water; instead, take sips of it. This is to prevent water poisoning, which is caused by overhydration, which results in the dilution of your electrolytes in the blood.

Wear light-colored clothes

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Light-colored clothes absorb less heat than dark ones. So, bring out that pastel dress and stack on some fresh white shirts to keep your body cool.

Take a shower every day

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Yes, the water levels in Cebu could be better, but starting your day with a shower is vital. This not only cools your body but also helps to calm your thoughts and improve your blood circulation. So, reschedule your kandingon attitude for the winter months and hit the bath every day!

Wear a deodorant

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Last but not least, wear underarm deodorant! This is not just for you but for the people around you, especially when you take a jeepney, bus, or any public transportation. If you sweat a lot, it’s best to bring along an extra sachet or deo on the go, just in case.

What do you think, Sugboanons? Should we stop wearing underwear in the meantime or not?

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