A Quick Guide to the Best Places in Cebu to End Your Relationship

Asa man ko ni s’ya buwagan uy?

Photo contributed by Nataniel Q. Manalon

Breaking up is harder than it seems, it is especially so if you don’t know the right place to commit the deed. But worry no more, we got your back! 

Here are our top 7 places to break up with your partner!

Colon Street

Photo contributed by Nataniel Q. Manalon

Telling your partner that you want to break up is a really daunting thing to do. Hence, if you want to disappear immediately after telling your partner your decision to separate, then Colon Street is just right for you.

Photo contributed by Nataniel Q. Manalon

Colon is bustling with people all day long, hence, disappearing from your partner’s sight right after a break up is quite an easy thing to do at this place. But you can’t just leave your partner out in the open while crying after a break up, can you? Thus, the food spaces and shopping centers within the street’s vicinity is the perfect place to commit the act. 

Plaza Independencia

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The place is relatively known for its collection of historical sites within its area. Moreover, the plaza also has secluded places away from the people that is perfect for an intimate talk. Hence, if you want a light-hearted break up, Plaza Independencia is the perfect choice.

Photo contributed by Wendel Waffer

You can decide to tour around the place while you reminisce about your memories for the past years, somewhat hinting a separation. After that, you can bring your partner to the plaza’s secluded spaces to seriously talk about your intentions.

Simala Shrine

Photo contributed by Joey Argawanon

This place is particularly famous for its marvelous architectural structure. Simala Shrine is also a famous place of worship for devout Catholic believers making it a place perfect for break-ups if you respect each other’s decisions on matters.

The Shrine’s religious masses will surely give comfort to a heavy heart after a break-up. You can also pray on their religious relics to ask for forgiveness if you truly shattered your partner’s heart after your decision to separate with them. 

Photo contributed by Joey Argawanon

However, if you are not religious enough to believe in prayers and masses. You can just tour the place and enjoy its amazing artistry to lighten up the heavy mood after the break up.  

Temple of Leah

Photo contributed by Reann Grace G. Gatuteo

Dubbed as the “Taj Mahal of Cebu”, Temple of Leah is one of the architectural wonders in the island. Its amazing craftsmanship has awed thousands of visitors already. Furthermore, the temple is located on one of Cebu’s mountain peaks.

Photo contributed by Reann Grace G. Gatuteo

Its location on a mountaintop makes it a perfect location for shouting til nothing is left. Hence it is truly a splendid location for a romantic separation, because the place gives an individual an opportunity to shout at the top of their lungs to vent their frustrations after a break-up.  

SM Seaside City Cebu

“We got it all for you,” true to their words, SM really has everything in their bag! SM Seaside offers you a wide array of entertainment spaces that are good places to host any events and happenings in your life.

Its numerous variety of entertainment spaces gives you a lot of choices to choose from. Hence, it is truly a perfect destination if you decide to break your relationship with your partner. Because in SM, you can dine, watch and shop after a break up that might lift up the somber atmosphere a little bit.

Northwest Beaches

Photo contributed by Rovie Lyn Evan

The northwest beaches of Cebu are famously known for their white-sandy shorelines and clear coastal waters. Moreover, the sunset scenery in these places is truly a sight to behold. Thus, if you want to break up with your romantic partner, these places are perfect for you.

You can have a little fun while reminiscing your memories in the morning, you can then invite your partner to admire the amazing view of the sunset while you slowly talk to them about your decision to separate. 


Photo contributed by Ana Kristel Bonghanoy

Bars have become a go-to destination for people who want to vent their frustration in life. Whether it be a family problem, financial difficulties or a failed relationship, you can see any kind of people in bars making a perfect place to have a break-up, since most people won’t care about the both of you if you’re having a little fight since they’re also facing problems. Moreover, the alcoholic beverages offered in these establishments are good to accompany a sorrowful heart. Below are places where the best bars in Cebu can be found:

  • Escario Street
  • Mango Avenue
  • A.S. Fortuna Street
  • Crossroads, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue
  • Gorordo Avenue

—Well, there you have it folks, here is the end of our list, but remember that the list really doesn’t end here. Because break-up spaces really do depend on the current circumstances your relationship is in. Nevertheless, the places mentioned will truly be a big help to you if you’re still undecided where to tell your partner that you want to break up. 

But if you still see a fighting chance that your relationship can be saved, then fight for it! The current dilemma your relationship is in might just be a challenge to further strengthen your bond with your romantic partner.

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