Study Shows Smoking Can Cause Brain Shrinkage

Still not motivated to stop smoking? Then you have to read this. 

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found that smoking cigarettes can cause the brain to shrink. 

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The researchers considered genetic predisposition to smoking, smoking, and brain volume as factors. Moreover, it led them to findings that state genetics can lead to smoking, but smoking leads to brain shrinkage. 

Photo from Unsplash
Photo from Unsplash

The researchers gathered and analyzed data from 32,094 European participants. The participants self-reported their smoking habits. The number of smoking years for individuals who smoked one pack a day was reported to experience a massive level of brain shrinkage compared to those who smoked less than 100 cigarettes. 

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Brain shrinkage can lead to the brain losing its ability to function properly. Quitting smoking can lessen the possibility of brain shrinkage. However, the brain’s original mass will not be recovered. 

A Doctor named D. Beirut explained that smoking involves ingesting toxic chemicals that lower oxygen levels in the blood; lower oxygen levels slowly starve the brain.

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