Let Your Pets experience The Quality Care They Deserve with Pets Society

Are you a pet owner? A fur-parent? Then you might have experienced the struggles of having a furbaby.

As pet owners, we always want what’s best for our pets. We always aim for the highest quality from food, bath products, vitamins, and services. But the thing is, there is little to no place where we can acquire all our pets’ needs and services in one stop— or is there? 

What if there’s a place where pets can feel at home away from home? Where they can get the best care possible? Is there such a place? You bet, and it’s called Pets Society. 

Pets Society: Your one-stop shop for all your pets needs

Pets Society specializes in your pets’ grooming, boarding, and veterinary needs. They offer different products and services that will undoubtedly elevate the pet-care experience. Here’s what Pets Society has to offer.

State-of-the-art Facilities and Products

Pets Society offers pets and their owners the best service possible. According to one of the owners, they genuinely see to it that they invest in state-of-the-art facilities and products. 

What also makes pet society different is that they invested in an exhaust system that sucks out the bad air from inside the establishment. Not only that, the exhaust system has a built-in Hepa filter. The filter acts as protection to prevent your pets from getting bacteria and viruses. Rest assured that the shop will always smell fresh and clean


Pet Society curates their products. The Shop sources, sells, and uses the best products from both outside of the Philippines an as they support local pet businesses. One of the owners shared that the shampoo they use for clients’ pets is the same one used for show dogs. 

Pet Boarding, Veterinary, and other Services

Do you have plans to go out of town or go on a business trip but can’t bring your pets? Don’t worry, Pets Society also offers pet boarding services where they separate cats from dogs. In addition, they have 24/7 staff who can cater to your pets day and night. 

The staff will also walk your dogs in the area. Since Pets Society is located in Oakridge, there are plenty of space where your dogs can walk and get their daily exercise.

Pets Society is not only a hotel for pets, but it is also a reliable veterinary clinic where they have their resident Veterinarian.  

But that’s not all, they even offer spa treatments for your furbabies. From Mud spa to Himalayan salt spa, they have it all. Isn’t that cool? 

Young, Stylish, and Homey Establishment

Pets Society has made it one of their mission to help pets and owners get comfortable when visiting veterinary facilities. This is why upon visiting their branch, clients are greeted with fun and stylish interior designs rather than boring white walls. 

“We want every visit to be fun for both owners and pets”,


The shop is also located in a safe and spacious vicinity which is why parking is never a problem. Not only that but, because of the shop is located in Oakridge, there are plenty of F&B options for owners. That way, they can spend their time while they wait for their pets. Owners can do grocery shopping, eat food, chill at a coffeeshop, or even head to the gym.

Building a Community One Paw and Hand at a Time

They have the best products and the best facilities anyone can think of. But, the most amazing aspect of Pets Society is that they are also well-focused on building a community. They want to help pet owners in doing responsible pet parenting. 

The shop is also the reason why their clients are able to create relationships with each other. Pets Society is slowly establishing a community of pet owners, who not only know each other, but bond with one another through the same love they have for their pets. 

Pets Society Team: Leveling up the Veterinary Industry

Of course, Pets Society wouldn’t be possible without the whole team. 

According to Jica Wu, he and his friends made a decision to put up a veterinary business because they want to do their part in helping pets. Because of their passion and love for our furry friends, they wanted to offer the best of the best services.

As a team of young professionals, Pets Society promises a more modern approach to veterinary services. They are hands on with the business so that both clients and pets feel that they are well taken cared of. The team also values transparency, that is why it is assured that they will be transparent and honest when it comes to the needs of your pets. 

You won’t even have to worry about your pet’s safety and handling at Pets Society. With their vet, Dr. Keissha April Jane Cunanan’s care, your pets are in great hands.

Pets Society definitely brings “Pet care” to a whole new level, and it is abosulutely worth a single penny. Visit Pets Society as they make the lives of Pets and Pet owners easier, one paw at a time.



Other Information:


Exact location: Oakridge Business Park, 880 A. S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City,.

BY COMMUTE: You can take a jeepney that passes through Mandaue City North Road or A. S. Fortuna Street and tell the driver to drop you off at Oakridge Business Park.
BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Pets Society” in Oakridge Business Park, Mandaue. Parking space is available.

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