More Than Just a Kid’s Toy: The History of Lato-Lato

*Clack Clack Clack*

By just that onomatopeia (words that resemble sound), you might have an idea of what we will talk about. 

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If you guessed firecrackers wrong, it’s noisier than that. We’re talking about the trending “Lato-Lato.” Lato-Lato became a trend, yet again, in the Philippines. There were even Lato-Lato competitions in different parts of the country. 

But what exactly is a Lato-Lato? Where did it come from? Who in the world invented them? Let’s find out.

Photo form Maricris Marande

Popular to everyone’s belief, Lato-Lato did not originate in the Philippines. It is actually from the United States and is known as clackers or Newton’s Yoyo. The first design of Lato-Lato was made of tempered glass, which made it fairly dangerous because it could shatter. Because of safety issues, clackers were removed from the market. 

However, the modern Lato-Lato is now made from plastics. Not only is Lato-Lato a toy, but it is also used for educational purposes, especially physics. 

Photo form EXO YouTube Channel

Some enjoy playing Lato-late, while others aren’t big fans of the clacking sound. How about you? Will you give clackers a try? Or are you one of those people with thinning patience because of it? Let us know in the comments. 

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