Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic:  Perfecting Form, Optimizing Function Naturally

You’ve probably seen people getting their bones cracked on social media platforms and think, “Doesn’t that hurt?”, “That must feel good,” or “I wanna get my back cracked!” but there’s more to chiropractic than just making you feel good. 

Our body is self-sustaining, self-regulating, and has the ability to heal naturally. Chiropractic removes any interference in the nervous system so the body can work to its full potential. In addition, Chiropractic is properly restoring proper function and motion by specifically locating which bones are causing nerve interference. 

But does it hurt? had the incredible opportunity to meet Dr. Scott Jahn, the Founder, Clinic Director, and Resident Chiropractor of Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic. We had our initial consultation with him to experience what it’s like to be in a chiropractic clinic and how a session tends to go. 

What is Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic?

Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic is one of the leading Chiropractic clinics here in Cebu. It’s a hub for those seeking a journey towards true holistic health and well-being. With a mission that reaches beyond just treating symptoms, they’re all about guiding people to tap into their body’s natural healing abilities and expressing more of their potential. Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic is led by Dr. Scott Jahn, a licensed chiropractor and certified Professional Applied Kinesiologist from New York City, who, for over 18 years, has been correcting spinal misalignments in different patients, even celebrities like Jaya Ramsey, Gladys Reyes, Samantha Lopez aka Gracia, Cebu’s very own Karencitta, Al Moralde, and Triathlete SEA Games medalist Raven Alcoseba.

Comprehensive Evaluation for Each New Patient

Before proceeding with the chiropractic adjustment, we underwent a thorough screening. 

  1. Initial Paperwork: We were ushered into the exam room and were asked to fill out the New Patient Intake Form, detailing everything from current symptoms to our collective health histories of past stresses and traumas. We also indicated our health goals and answered lifestyle-related questions. 
  2. Digitized Posture Check & Bilateral Weight Test: After the paperwork, the clinic staff took our posture and did a weight test to determine any muscle and soft tissue imbalances as well as any possible structural deviations that must be addressed.
  3. Chiropractic Insight: Next, they showed us a quick video called “The Big Idea.” For those of us who were unfamiliar with chiropractic, it was a super helpful way to get the lowdown on what it’s all about and why it matters. 
  4. Bio-structural Exam and Consult: Dr. Scott Jahn explained chiropractic a little more, discussed with us our primary health concern and answered all of our questions. A comprehensive spine check-up followed. Dr. Scott expertly employed palpation techniques, tested our range of motion, and checked for symmetry. 
  5. Spinal Adjustment: We were then guided to a specialized room, aptly named the “adjustatorium”, where regular clinic members receive their chiropractic sessions. After knowing about our spine misalignments, Dr. Scott gave each of us specific spinal adjustments. 

Each session was different for each of the team members. For this part, I will be talking about my experience. 

To start, Dr. Scott asked me to bend and try touching my toes as far as possible. He also checked if I had an imbalance, which I apparently did. Several factors can cause this imbalance, according to Dr. Scott: an irregular spine curvature, pelvic imbalances as shown in differing leg lengths, or muscle strength disparities between the body’s two sides, to name a few. I was asked to lie down with my face flat on the chiropractic table, and Dr. Scott pointed out that one of my legs was structurally shorter than the other, most likely due to a pelvic imbalance. 

Now it’s time for cracking! 

First, Dr. Scott pinpointed the precise locations requiring adjustments. Ensuring he was positioned just right, he gently prompted me to breathe in deeply and exhale as he worked on aligning my spine. The adjustments covered my upper back or thoracic region, pelvic and  lumbar section, and the neck, also known as the cervical spine. To answer the question if it hurts, personally, for me, it doesn’t. According to Dr. Scott, some may feel lightheaded for the first few minutes, but then you’ll feel a sense of relief after that. 

After the adjustment, he checked my legs and feet once again. To our surprise, both of my legs were on the same level. According to Dr. Scott, a misaligned spine can often present as a perceived leg length discrepancy. This uneven balance places undue strain on one side of the body, culminating in discomfort, muscle tension, and joint stiffness. If neglected, these imbalances can escalate, leading to nerve interferences, potentially triggering further health complications. Through spinal adjustments, the goal is to correct these imbalances, ensuring the spine is properly aligned, muscles and joints are eased, and the body is set on its innate path to heal and rejuvenate.

Dr. Scott advised me to walk around, allowing my body to recalibrate post-adjustment. Just as muscles can feel sore after a workout due to the production of lactic acid, a similar sensation can occur following chiropractic care. To assist in flushing out the lactic acid and expedite recovery, he emphasized the importance of increasing my water consumption and boosting my Vitamin C intake.

Care Packages Unique to Each and Everyone’s Needs

The initial exam that team had at the clinic is all 3,000 pesos. It also includes the potential discussion of X-rays. If Dr. Scott identifies any pathological structural adaptations requiring further scrutiny, an X-ray may be prescribed (X-ray cost is shouldered by the patient). Following the evaluation, patients are invited back to the clinic for an in-depth X-ray discussion and to receive a tailored care plan, as outlined below:

Emergency Care – 22,500 pesos for 9 Sessions (2,500 per session)

Frequency: Based on individual requirements or preferences, from 1 to 2-3 visits per week. 

Targeting immediate pain relief, this phase zeroes in on reducing nerve irritation, alleviating tissue inflammation, and promoting mobility. Aptly termed “symptom relief,” it’s a fit for those primarily keen on escaping pain. 

Acute Care – 40,500 pesos for 18 Sessions (2,250 per session)

Frequency: At least 2 visits per week 

With the primary goal of joint restoration and structural renewal, this phase focuses on nerve root healing, motion range amplification, and joint function recovery. The package bundles home exercises, and a rehab program and even offers a 50% discount on spine hygiene kits. For those keen on additional resources, there’s access to in-clinic rehab tools at preferential rates. This is also recommended for children and teens.

Corrective Care – 67,500 pesos for 36 sessions (1,875 per session)

Frequency: Typically, three times a week, adjustable based on individual requirements 

Tailored for individuals with spine challenges due to degeneration or bone spurs, the corrective care phase is about intensive spine rehabilitation. This encompasses muscle rehab, strength augmentation, joint fortification, and movement restoration. This package is all-inclusive: two home exercise rehabilitation programs, three functional movement exams, and a full spine hygiene kit. Additionally, the package grants access to specialized in-clinic rehab tools. 

Wellness Care – 52,000 pesos for 26 sessions (2,000 per session)

Frequency: Bi-weekly adjustments with 1 to 3 visits a month 

For those who prioritize regular spinal health checks, the wellness care package ensures spinal upkeep and nurtures the body’s inherent healing prowess. It’s a blend of preventive measures and proactive health designed to ward off potential issues and accentuate overall well-being.

Common Chiropractic Misconceptions

Dr. Scott Jahn also took the time to address prevalent misconceptions about chiropractic care. His intent was to enlighten both the curious and the skeptical, ensuring they have a well-informed perspective on the practice.

  1. According to Dr. Scott, there is a big difference between chiropractic adjustment and joint manipulation. Only Chiropractors are licensed to do chiropractic adjustments or spine adjustments. They apply a specific force and have a specific way of thrusting and moving their hands to move one vertebra in a specific direction. 
  2. Don’t base health on what you feel. Dr. Scott explained that just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean you don’t have any underlying issues. “I don’t feel anything; I don’t have to go to a chiropractic clinic,” that’s not always the case. 
  3. Chiropractic is not only for neck and back pain. Dr. Scott Jahn emphasizes that chiropractic is for everybody. Dr. Scott states, “It’s for anybody who wants to live the best possible and express as much of their God-given potential.”

What’s excellent about Form and Function is that its chiropractor ensures their patients are fit for adjustments. They encourage those who have severe issues to get an x-ray and extensively review the case. Not only that, but everyone at Form and Function is attentive and kind; you won’t feel nervous during your first session because there are people ready to talk to you and assure you. If you are wondering about the payment mode, the clinic has a number of payment modes, including debit and credit card payments, e-wallets, digital bank transfers, paypal, and even crypto. 

For our team’s first Chiropractic experience, it is definitely one for the books, and we will absolutely go back for our next sessions.

Bring out your body’s fullest potential and book a session at Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic.



Exact location: Unit 907 AppleOne – Equicom Tower, Mindanao Ave. cor Biliran st., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines.

BY COMMUTE: Ride any jeep or bus going to Ayala Center Cebu. AppleOne-Equicom Tower is located across from Ayala Terraces shopping center. Parking space is plenty inside the building from 2nd to 4th floor.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic” in Cebu. 

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  1. Chiropractic care is often misconceived as merely a means to crack bones for instant relief, but there’s more depth to it. It’s about optimizing our body’s innate ability to heal and function naturally. Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic, led by Dr. Scott Jahn, stands out as a leading holistic health hub in Cebu. Their approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation, including posture checks and bilateral weight tests, ensuring personalized care. Dr. Scott’s expertise in chiropractic adjustments addresses misalignments, bringing relief without pain. The clinic offers a variety of care packages tailored to individual needs, focusing on everything from symptom relief to structural rehabilitation. It’s essential to debunk misconceptions, like thinking that chiropractic care is only for back pain. Chiropractic adjustments, performed by licensed professionals, are a precise way to enhance well-being. Form and Function’s patient-centric approach, attentiveness, and flexible payment options make it an excellent choice for those seeking a journey to holistic health. This experience with chiropractic care is undoubtedly one for the books, and we look forward to future sessions at Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic.


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