10 Underrated Websites You Can Visit When You’re Feeling Sad or Bored

Every now and then, we find ourselves perpetually bored with the same routine of going thru the same social media apps on our phone or our computer. That just makes us think that there must be something new we could try to relieve us of the boredom from staring our screens all day. Here are some interesting websites you can visit whenever you are feeling sad or just plainly bored.

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If you’ve been thinking a lot the future version of you, especially how uncertain that it is now considering a pandemic is currently happening, you can write a letter for your ‘future self’ using this website. The message can be delivered on any future date that you wish to choose using the email where you want it to be received. This website has been in service since 2002, and was quite popular over the years.

Link: https://www.futureme.org/

FutureMe Logo | Photo from FutureMe Facebook Page
Photo from FutureMe Website
Photo from FutureMe Website


If you’ve been feeling angry, frustrated, or simply just want to rant aside to your friends and family, then this website can be that useful outlet for you. In this website, you can type in anything you want to say, from your deepest, darkest secrets or simply about your bad at work today. Don’t worry, the website is safe to use where everything its users wrote will be sent into the ‘void’ with that screaming effect, forever gone.

Link: https://screamintothevoid.com/

Photo from Scream Into the Void Website
Photo from Scream Into the Void Website


If you’re really interested in music, so much that your music taste goes beyond the local and even popular ones, then you might want to visit Radio Garden. This website lets you listen to any radio stations available all over the world by clicking certain ‘seeds’ in the globe that serve as the radio stations available to be listened to all over the world.

Link: https://radio.garden/

Radio Garden App Icon | Photo from Radio Garden
Photo from Radio Garden Website
Photo from Radio Garden Website


Blank Slate is a website that lets you take down notes whenever and wherever. The interface is literally a blank slate, where you can add different notes quickly. The blank slate appeal of the site is praised by some, as it does not include the typical parts of a website such as its header and other widgets.

Link: https://blankslate.io/

Photo from Blank Slate Website


If you’re curious what will happen in the future, then this website is an interesting pick for you. Future Timeline compiles various ‘predictions’ that are based in current events, technology, sciences and other happenings that can likely predict the outcome of tomorrow. Topics like artificial intelligence, space travel, renewable energy as the main source of energy, are just some of the interesting topics that will likely happen to in the near future.

Link: https://www.futuretimeline.net/

Future Timeline Facebook Banner | Photo from Future Timeline
Photo from Future Timeline Website
Photo from Future Timeline Website


If you feel guilty of scrolling mindlessly with your social media apps without being productive, then you might want to try the Free Rice website. In this website, users are given quizzes that include the English vocabulary, trivia and many more where each correct answer provides 10 grains of rice to be donated to the World Food Programme. Pretty neat way of wasting time, isn’t it?

Link: https://freerice.com/

Freerice Logo | Photo from Freerice Facebook Page
Photo from Freerice Website
Photo from Freerice Website


Ever been curious what that foreign word you just heard from a song or movie means? Forvo will let you know the correct pronunciation, meaning and origin of a certain word whatever the language is.

Link: https://forvo.com/

Forvo Official Logo | Photo from Forvo Website
Photo from Forvo Website
Photo from Forvo Website


Among this list, this is the only one that can be used as a tool as this website lets you do whatever you want with a certain PDF. Merge, split, compress, edit, or sign, this tool has it all when it comes to your PDF needs.

Link: https://tools.pdf24.org/

Photo from PDF24 Tools Website
Photo from PDF24 Tools Website


If you simply just want to take a break from all the noise brought by the Internet world, then Calm.com might help. The website is basically an online meditation service where you have certain options that you want to avail such as self-improvement, stress and anxiety management, focus, and many more.

Link: https://www.calm.com/

Photo from Calm.com Website


This website is great if you are thinking of reading as a new habit that you want to develop, instead of wasting time on social media. Archive.org lets you in with millions of books legally and for free. Other media include music, movies, and more.

Link: https://archive.org/

Internet Archive Official Logo | Photo from Archive Website
Photo from Archive Website
Photo from Archive Website

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