How long does Natural Immunity last after recovering from COVID-19? Here’s what we know so far!

Getting covid-19 have become an inevitability at this point with symptoms or asymptomatic, it’s everywhere. But with vaccinations and boosters also available, the death tolls and severe symptoms have lessened.

Now the question is how immune are we after recovery from covid-19. First, we have to be aware that there are two types of immunity, natural and vaccine-induced. Natural immunity is when people recover from COVID-19, they develop natural immunity to the coronavirus by developing antibodies.

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This question has now been given light though as new research shows that the antibodies remain in the body for at least 8 months as after an individual acquires a virus, the immune system retains a memory of it.

“Immune cells and proteins that circulate in the body can recognize and kill the pathogen if it’s encountered again, protecting against disease and reducing illness severity.”- National Institutes of Health Trusted Source

The components of immunity protection and their functions are:

  • Antibodies- proteins that recognize foreign substances like viruses and neutralize them
  • Helper T cells- cells that helps to recognize pathogens
  • Killer T cells – cells that kills pathogens
  • B cells- make new antibodies when the body needs them.

The researchers have observed that these four components persisted for at least 8 months from people who recover from COVID-19.

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It was observed to last 8 months but the specifics of the length of immunity and their protection against a variety of different variants is still uncertain and needs more data.

With this uncertainty though, getting the vaccine, physical distancing and wearing a mask are still a necessity to continue to stop the spread.

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