Health Watch: Don’t compromise your immunity with 2-in-1 protection worth Php 7.00

With COVID-19 still being a threat, and the rising prices of fuel and basic commodities, should your health be compromised? The answer is NO!

The threat of COVID-19 is far from over– with some cities and provinces in Visayas and Mindanao still continuously registering new cases, we now live in the so-called new normal, which is a delicate balance between health and economy. And with the rising cost of commodities, it has also led some to adjust their practices when it comes to health protection or choice of vitamins. However, as we go out more often for work or go to public places like malls or even report back to on-site work, we are increasing our risk of getting infected.

Once we get hospitalized when infected with COVID-19, this can potentially drain our savings. Absence at work can also lead to lost daily income which is a big amount to lose, compared to boosting our immunity by taking immunity vitamins for only Php 7.00, and observing proper health practices like frequent hand washing and wearing of mask. Despite the tightening of our budget, our health should still be a priority as we bounce back from the impact brought about by the pandemic.

So how do we avoid compromising our health while saving on expenses at the same time?

Introducing Ascorbic Acid (as Sodium Ascorbate) + Zinc (IMMUNTAB). It is made by Unilab, one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines. Immuntab is a 2 in 1 combination of vitamin C and zinc, which provides superior protection compared to vitamin C alone.  This is our defense as we go out of our house and get exposed to different people. Immuntab helps boost the immune system, and is priced reasonably at Php7.00 (seven pesos) per capsule. Protection for our immunity need not be costly.

Immuntab’s vitamin C is non-acidic sodium ascorbate, which is beneficial for people with sensitive stomachs and hyperacidity.  The use of Ascorbic Acid + Zinc on the generic name is in compliance with the Department of Health’s Administrative Order 2016-0008.

Immuntab is available in all drugstores in Visayas and Mindanao, and in Unilab’s flagship store in Lazada and Shopee.

Don’t compromise your immunity; try the Vitamin C+ Zinc from Unilab, Immuntab!

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