DIY Tips: Ginger Honey Lemon tea to boost the immune system

A homemade tea that is not just delicious but can boost your immune system too.

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Behold the much-talked-about Honey Lemon Ginger Tea. With colds and flu season or for this time of the pandemic, an everyday season this sweet, tangy, and healthy tea is our armor.

An herbal infusion of the natural health and medicinal benefits of these 3.

  • Lemon – contains a high amount of vitamin C and provides strong digestive enzymes.
  • Ginger – has components that lower blood sugar levels and boost immunity
  • Honey – a good source of antioxidants, soothes a sore throat, and is a natural antibacterial agent

With these three combined, you’ll have a powerhouse tea full of vitamins and minerals, promote a strong immune system and also provide other health benefits.

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What you need:

  • 1 cup honey
  • 3 pieces lemons
  • 3 tablespoon fresh ginger
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  1. Wash lemons and rub/scrub salt on their surfaces to remove any foreign particles/chemicals.
  2. Then soak them with hot water to sanitize.
  3. Transfer to a bowl to cool and remove the seeds as it can make your concoction bitter.
  4. Start cutting the lemons into very thin slices and set aside.
  5. Peel the ginger and cut them into very small cubes or grate the ginger and set aside.
  6. Mix lemon and ginger then add the honey and mix it well. 
  7. Place them on a sealed jar and refrigerate it for at least 3 days before consuming to let the flavors infuse.
  8. To make tea, add a spoonful of the mixture to a cup and add boiling water.
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This revitalizing tea has a relaxing and calming effect perfect for anxiety and stress. With the boost on the immune system as well, it’s the perfect tea for us.

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