Cordova’s Lantaw Floating Restaurant: Good Food and Stunning View

Good food plus a stunning scenery. This is the main reason why people flock to Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu.

Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page

Lantaw is a Bisaya word that translates to “look out”. It is a floating restaurant located in Day-as, Cordova where you can enjoy having an intimate dinner with your family while watching the sun set in the horizon with the calming sound of seawater surrounding the restaurant.

The interior of Lantaw restaurant also boasts of an Asian theme, with bamboos dominating the entire structure. Indeed, Lantaw Floating Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Cebu province with the best views.

Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page
Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page

Lantaw’s best-sellers

Aside from the view, Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant is known for their palatable dishes that are sure to make you crave for a second serving.

Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page

Their regular customers come back for their best-sellers such as their crispy pata, tuna panga, crispy kare-kare, and buttered shrimp. Their succulent and cheesy baked scallops are also a must-try, and of course, all their fresh seafood dishes are just as good.

Now pair all these with a bottle of beer while chatting with family and friends and watching the sun set from a distance. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant  will really take your gastronomic experience to a different level.

Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page
Photo from Lantaw Cordova’s FB Page

Best time to dine at Lantaw

We recommend that you visit Lantaw in the late afternoon to catch the sunset. Make sure to also make reservations because they tend to get crowded around this time of the day. For travellers, Lantaw is located next to the very popular 10,000 Roses Café, so you can have your dinner at Lantaw before or after your 10,000 Roses visit.



  • Crispy pata
  • Tuna panga
  • Crispy kare-kare
  • Buttered shrimp


Other information:


Exact location: Barangay Day-as, Cordova, Northern Cebu — approx. 1.5 hours away from Cebu City.

By taxi or grab: From Cebu City, trip would cost around P250 – P350 (3-4 people) one-way.

By V-hire: You can ride a V-Hire stationed at SM City Cebu bound for Cordova. Fare is P40-P50 and you can get off at the Cordova Grandmall. From there, you can ride a tricycle to Lantaw with fare around P10-P15 per person.

By private car: Just type in “Lantaw Floating Restaurant Cordova” on Waze or Google Maps. Spacious parking lot is available around the area.

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