IN PHOTOS: James Reid’s visit to Cebu

I’m sure you’ve already caught wind of this, but famous Filipino actor James Reid was spotted visiting Cebu with his friends during the holidays.

Sources and photos say he was out with friends at a few Halloween parties during the 31st of October and dined restaurants in Cebu. I don’t know, but I can only assume he’s here on his dime, visiting friends and places like any folks outside Cebu would do!

Though he hasn’t discussed his experiences publicly, he must’ve had a blast, and I sure would be glad if he did.

Photos from Facebook Page
Photos from Facebook Page
Photos from Facebook Page
Photos from Facebook Page

Cebu is a beautiful place to visit, despite the unforgiving heat that’s constantly beating down on us, it has its charm that captures like no other! In James’ case – I often think: was it the friends he made? Or the delicious food he ate? Or was it the beaches he got to visit? Or maybe all three. I can’t say.

Whatever the case – I am glad to know folks from around the world can share their Cebu experiences online to remind us of the beautiful moments that we create.

I guess I really don’t have a point to prove in this article, aside from stating the obvious. But rather, we can try and learn something from our friend, Mr. Reid; that our time here is precious, mga Sugboanons, so let’s spend the rest of it with the people that matter to us.

Check out some of the best places to visit in Cebu:

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