Best White Beaches in Cebu as beautiful as Boracay

“Crystal clear waters, powdery sand, striking view of the skyline, rolling waves” – If you’re also thinking of the paradise-like Boracay, then I guess we’re on the same wavelength.

Boracay is one of the country’s top tourist destination. However, if the expense is what’s stopping you from making your dream vacation intro reality, then worry no more, because Cebu got your backs!

Cebu totally did not earn the title of “The Queen City of the South” for nothing, this city is known to have a number of beautiful white sand beaches comparable to the famous Boracay.

To help you achieve your dream vacation, here’s a list of the top blinding-white beaches in Cebu:

1. Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Location: Northern part of Cebu — 3-4 hours away from Mactan Airport + 1 hour sea travel.

It cannot be denied that this island is one of Cebu’s sweet and untouched treasures! Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, very fine sand, abundant sea, Bantayan has been a go-to tourist attraction for years now.

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Buses that will bring you to Bantayan Island are found at the North Bus Terminal. Take the bus going to Hagnaya. Travel time is approximately 3 hours. From Hagnaya take the Express Ferry Boat to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. Travel time is approximately 1-hour ride to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. A Ro-Ro vessel from Hagnaya to Santa Fe is also available.


• Bus – P175 per way / P350 roundtrip (20% discount for students, present School ID)
• Ferry & Terminal Fee – P185 + 10 per way / P390 roundtrip

CEBU TO BANTAYAN (3.5-4 hours bus, 1 hour ferry)
TripBus Departure (Cebu City to Hagnaya)Ferry Departure (Hagnaya to Sta. Fe)
1st Trip10:45 PM3:00 AM
2nd Trip12:15 AM5:00 AM
3rd Trip2:00 AM6:30 AM
4th Trip5:00 AM9:30 AM
5th Trip6:00 AM11:30 AM
6th Trip8:00 AM1:30 PM
7th Trip10:00 AM3:30 PM
LAST Trip12:20 PM5:30 PM
BANTAYAN TO CEBU (1 hour ferry, 3.5-4 hours bus)
TripFerry Departure (Sta. Fe to Hagnaya)Bus Departure (Hagnaya to Cebu City)
1st Trip5:00 AM6:00 AM
2nd Trip7:30 AM8:30 AM
3rd Trip9:30 AM10:30 AM
4th Trip11:30 AM12:30 PM
5th Trip1:30 PM2:30 PM
6th Trip3:30 PM4:30 PM
LAST Trip5:30 PM6:30 PM

2. Carnaza Island

Location: Northern part of Cebu — 3-4 hours away from Mactan Airport + 1.5 hour sea travel.

Carnaza Island was just recently discovered because of its distance and accessibility. However, these did not stop the tourists from visiting this natural paradise.

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Note: Bring extra cash since there are no available ATM machines on the island.

3. Camotes Island

Location: Camotes Islands, northern Cebu — 1 hour away from Mactan Airport + 1.5 hour sea travel

Being hailed as the “Lost horizon of the South”, Camotes Island continues to stand out because of its well-known lakes and caves, beautiful waterfalls, pristine beaches and other natural attractions that will surely make your visit worthwhile.

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Note: Bring extra cash since there are no available ATM machines on the island.

4. Malapascua Island

This island is famous for its blinding-white beach, jaw-dropping marine life and coral reefs, and world-class diving spots where divers get the chance to swim with thresher sharks. Malapascua Island is undeniably a perfect place to experience the beauty of natural attractions.

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Note: Bring extra cash since there are no available ATM machines on the island.

5. Caubian Island

Located in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City – this island is an hour and a half travel by a motorized boat from Angasil port. This stunningly white beach is composed of two islets: Caubian Gamay and Caubian Dako – the distance between the two is only a 5-minute boat ride when its high tide. However, during low tide, tourists can just walk from one islet to another.

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Note: There’s only one resort in the island for overnight stays. Bring extra cash since there are no available ATM machines on the island.

These picturesque white beaches are proof that you need not to travel afar to achieve that dreamy vacation of yours.

 Please respect the environment and be a responsible ‘laagan’ and always bring your trash with you until you can find a garbage can.

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  1. Malapascua: The information that there are NO ATM’s on Malapascua is wrong and outdated.
    We have in the mean time 4 ATM[s, 1 money changer, and MLHUILLIER.

  2. I agree. Don’t forget, Filipinos are talented in most ways than none. Pictures are usually deceiving. Currently, this country isn’t keen or up to date on cleanliness re:ocean and garbage. One of the 4 countries (China, Malaysia, Indonesia ) whose heads are in the sand about garbage.

  3. i have gone to one of these places last 2019 but doesnt appear similar to those on the photos, there were nice beaches in cebu but the bankas, small boats and sakayan were anchored at the beach and you cannot enjoy swimming and most beaches were chaotic or else its summer season at its peak.


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