1 Ube Cheese Pandesal Cebu Chef Jade

Could this be Cebu’s best Ube Cheese Pandesal?

I should say this new ube cheesy pandesal is ube-rloaded sa sarap!

To those who do not know, Ube-Cheese Pandesal is basically an ube halaya-flavored pandesal filled with cheese. Hence, we all couldn’t deny that this innovative take on our classic Pinoy Pandesal is momentous.

Though when know that it could be quite difficult to score the best one yet, we are giving you one of the best. I must say, they have Ube-r sa sarap Ube Cheese Pandesal, at Chef Jade Kitchen.

Chef Jade Saducas is an award-winning Cebuano Chef who has taken this Ube Cheese Pandesal a notch higher than those that are already in the market. Her ube pandesals are ube-rloaded with cheese making it melt it your mouth.

But, Chef Jade’s kitchen do not only take pride in their current Ube Cheese Pandesal because they offer more like the Special Ube Ensaymada, Flan Vanille, and assorted meat rolls.

Tuna, Chicken, Humba Meatrolls
Special Ube Ensaymada
Flan Vanille



Special Ube Cheese Pandesal

  • Classic Half-Dozen – P320
  • Classic One Dozen – P550
  • Double Trouble Half-Dozen – P350
  • Double Trouble One Dozen – P600

Flan Vanille

  • 7 inches (6 – 8 slices) – P1,480
  • 8 inches (12-16 slices) – P2,750

Special Ube Ensaymada

  • Box of 6 – P325
  • Box of 9 – P475


Special Ube Cheese Pandesal and Special Ube Ensaymada

  • Classic – P350
  • Double Trouble – 360

Assorted Meatroll

  • Humba and Assorted
    • Box of 6 – P300
    • Box of 12 P585
  • Tuna, Chicken, Humba, and all-mixed flavors
    • Box of 6 – P350
    • Box of 12 – P650

Where to buy?

As of writing, Chef Jade Kitchen doesn’t have a physical store. But you can conveniently order online and have them delivered anywhere in Cebu.


  • Delivery fee will be shouldered by the customer, given directly to the driver.
  • Delivery time: 1-5 PM daily
  • Orders must be placed at least 48 hours before delivery day
  • Pre-payment is required before the delivery of your goods

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