A Life-Changing Fitness Journey: How this Cebuano lost 84 pounds?

Start the new year right, and this fitness story will surely inspire you and help jump-start your own journey too.

Meet Jay Santiago, a 22-year-old Cebuano who has lost roughly 84 pounds (38kg) of weight. Jay, who graduated AB Communication at Cebu Institute of Technology – University, was born and raised in Talisay City, Cebu. He weighed 260 pounds before.

“I was bullied. I was called different names like butanding, baboy ramo, dambuhala, etc. — and with my dark complexion and curly hair, I used to be a laughing stock. Maybe because that’s the reality, people are more loved and appreciated when they’re beautiful or attractive. Well don’t worry, I changed my mindset already. I’m now doing this for myself, for my health and wellness.”

Despite being called names before, his personality has always been cheerful and he loves entertaining people. He is a great host for events, and even though he watches his weight now, still is a certified foodie.

“I actually don’t have this super strict diet or meal plan or whatsoever but I’ve been very dedicated about IF or Intermittent Fasting. It’s not a diet method, it’s a meal pattern, it’s more on ‘when to eat’.

He follows the 16:8 method (16 hours fasting, 8 meal time). He eats anything he wants as long as it’s within the 8-hour eating period, focusing more on high fiber and protein foods for they help in losing the extra weight.

“I still eat sweets like ice cream, cake, milk tea, etc but still in moderation or in portion cause at the end of the day it’s still calorie deficit.”

“But also remember, what works for me, may not work for you, so it’s always better to consult a doctor first “about a diet.”

Jay started his fitness journey in July 2018.

“I go to the gym 4-5x a week. I train and workout at a crossfit gym in town, The Stayfit Box Cebu in Lahug. “

This 22-year-old has inspired many of his friends and hopes that he can inspire more.

“I don’t wanna force them because it’s their body so it’s their choice. Also, being physically fit does not always mean you’re healthy. As long as they’re happy and confident, then go for it. I just hope they always choose to become the better version of themselves.”

When asked for any tips or advice to all our readers, he said,

“Have the right people around you. Drink more water. Trust the process. Do it for yourself.”

Follow Jay Santiago on Instagram to get to know him more and follow his workout routines: @askjaysantiago

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