DILG Sec. Año vouches for ‘tuob’ to boost immune system

Contrary to what most, if not all, have believed to only be a myth, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo Año believes that “Tuob” could give one relief after a steam inhalation therapy.

Secretary Año was COVID Patient No. 2104. According to him, during the IATF meeting with the local leaders of Cebu, he subscribed to the traditional practice in preventive medicine.

Since he grew up with this traditional practice, he believes in this old method.

“Nilalagyan ko ng asin yung mainit na tubig, then inhale the water vapor,” he said.

Because he was asymptomatic, he was more into boosting his immune system. This way, he could resist the ill effects of the coronavirus.

“Kami ni Sec. Lili (Leonor Briones of the Department of Education), nag-steam inhalation kami,” he said.

On Tuesday, June 23, Governor Gwen Garcia discussed Año’s testimony during her press conference. However, she also clarified to critics that she is in no way promoting ‘’Tuob” to be a medicine to cure Covid, rather, a measure to prevent the virus.

Governor Garcia stressed the unavailability of the vaccine or medicine to treat covid-19, hence, she said that the people must “give their body a fighting chance through health regimens that boost the immune system.”

Stipulated in the Section 9 of Executive Order 17 are the health regimens, such as:

  • Regular gargling of salt water
  • Sun exposure early in the day
  • Sea bath from 6AM to noontime
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Tuob

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