Cebuana pride Margielyn Didal gets own Signature Skater Shoes

“Every skater deserves a new kick after quarantine.”

Funny it may seem, but it does make sense and is achievable. Every skater, according to Margielyn Didal, deserves a reward after heeding to the call of the government to help stop the spread of the virus.

Margielyn Didal is a name you can associate to a ‘sport superstar’ for having her own signature shoes. Just recently, Didal, a skateboarding champion, proudly posted her signature colorway by New Balance.

“Proud to announce my first #nbnumeric signature colorway,” said the 2018 Asian Games gold medalist on her Instagram post.

Aside from the Philippine flag, the signature shoes also got Didal’s name imprinted on the sides of the shoes.

Didal is also part of Forbes’ Asia ”30 Under 30″ list. According to the list Didal, a skateboarding champion is considered to be one of the most influential youths in Asia.

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