Azul Cebu trademarks “Tuslob Buwa”

Tuslob Buwa is indeed a different taste of bubbles.

A popular streetfood in Cebu, “Tuslob Buwa” is believed to originate in Brgy. Pasil where residents find it as their daily source of income.

On Tuesday morning, Netizens woke up to the news that “Tuslob Buwa” is now a registered trademark through the Intellectual Property of the Philippines by Azul. This trademark means that any unauthorized use of the word, phrase or logo is against the law.

Azul is one of the popular eateries in Cebu that offer this famous street food, and even got more popular after being featured on Netflix’s Street Food Asia.

Basically, Tuslob Buwa (to dip into bubbles) is composed of pig brain, pork liver or intestines (can be optional), onions, oil, soy sauce or fish sauce, and other assorted seasonings. All of these ingredients will be put together in a pan until it boils. This will be best served with your puso (hanging rice) that will be dip into the pan, as its name suggests. It is economical since you only get to pay for the puso you consumed.

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  1. Agree that trademarking this shows how shrewd and greedy the owners of Azul are and shows the ineptitude of whoever allowed this to be trademarked. It is like trademarking sinigang, sinuglaw, adobo, inihaw, dinuguan A clear case of poor understanding of bisaya.

    I suggest to all eateries in pasil who sell tuslob buwa to simply use it as a sentence in their menus in lower case or as a tag line to their eatery names. They are just not allowed to use the phrase as their eatery name or the name of the item in their menu but doesn’t stop them form branding their tuslob buwa differently and including the phrase as a description of the item.

    Do consult a lawyer though just to be sure

  2. Frankly speaking, I think the management/owners of Azul are dickheads and assholes for registering the “tuslob buwa” as their trademark. Sorry for the language but that’s how really how to describe. Sorry but not sorry.

    They know it originated in Pasil by humble people who chose to offer this kind of food but instead they choose to make it really difficult for these less fortunate food vendors to do business and use the term tuslob buwa.

    Azul is making a ton of money already because it is the most popular vendor of tuslob buwa in Cebu but they still have the gal and bothered to give attention and kill the competition. In fact, the ones in Pasil aren’t really their competition. Who would go to Pasil at the break of dawn just to eat tuslob buwa?

    Seriously Azul.. gaba nalang inyo


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