Cebu Trip: TABYOG Mangrove Garden in Carcar City

UPDATE (as of August 29, 2018): The LGU has reached out to us to inform the public that this is a protected area. Hence, this is NOT open to the public.

From the city that is famous for its distinct and delectable food like chicharon and lechon, Carcar City gives us one more reason to travel in southern Cebu and experience its very own paradise — the TABYOG Mangrove Garden where you can disconnect to reconnect with nature.

Though still a work in progress, Tabyog Mangrove Garden is already contributing to the marine ecosystem through fisheries, coastal protection, erosion control, and carbon sequestration.

Tabyog Carcar Cebu (1)
Photo by Niko Ybanez
Tabyog Carcar Cebu (3)
Photo by Niko Ybanez


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