Flavors of the street : “Pungko Pungko”


The greatest hurdle of someone who is trying to save money is on how to cut down his expenses. Well, eating is the top consumer of your allowance! It’s really hard to resist food especially those that are freshly cooked. You could even taste it just by looking at it!

Reality is, you can’t save if you give in to temptation! Hey, I’m not saying you should starve yourself just to save up. What I’m implying here is that, you could save money while making your stomach full! I know. I know you’re thinking, “He’s nuts! How could we spend less while making our stomachs full?” But don’t judge me just yet because, you’ll be amazed after this!


PUNGKO PUNGKO.. Pungko, which means “to sit”, is the top grossing food source. Not only do they sell very affordable food, they are also very tasty. Imagine just by bringing rice from the house, you can then enjoy fresh, crispy and tasty food! And could enjoy these for less! You could save up to 50 pesos or even more! But choose wisely because there are some pungko pungko vendors who make their viands much expensive than the regular pricing.


NOTE: Before eating, make sure you have a strong stomach.There are some who are more sensitive than that of the others and can’t tolerate these kinds of food and look at the vendor if he’s neat enough.

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