Patty’s 1st Anniversary Zumba Party!

In return to the people of Lagtang, Talisay for the support given, Patty’s bakeshop decided to have a party with a twist. Not like the usual, this party involves you dripping those sweat and burning those fat you accumulated from the big meal you just ate! What you are thinking is correct, a Zumba party was recently held at the Lagtang Talisay Sports Complex.


In celebration of their 1st Anniversary, awesome prices were raffled with a grand prize of a Samsung phone! Also a cash price of 1000p was given to the hailed Mr. and Mrs. Zumba of the Party 2015!
Led by a great team of Zumba instructors and a very participative crowd, the party started and ended perfectly.

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Hoven Andre Encontro
Hoven Andre Encontro
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