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Cebu Safari and Adventure Park in Carmen opening in “early 2018”

The newly released map of Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

It’s no wonder Cebuanos will get giddy about the grand opening of the Cebu Safari in Carmen, another tourist spot that will surely attract a lot local and foreign visitors and boost local tourism especially in the town of Carmen.

Cebu Safari Zoo, a 100-hectare safari owned by Cebuano pawnshop tycoon Michel J. Lhuillier, will feature lions, giraffes, camels, tigers, zebras, among others.

DID YOU KNOW? Cebu Safari is more than just an animal kingdom. It is also a WORLD-CLASS adventure park. It will house:
• Seven (7) adventure rides including zip coaster
• ASIA’s Longest Zipline (1.2km)
• Giant Swing
• Obstacle Course
• Spider Walk
• Sky bike
• Outdoor adventure + a full hour adventure trek in Carmen’s 8 waterfalls





UPDATE: The Cebu Safari is set to open on December 3, 2017 “early 2018” or first quarter of 2018 – surely before the Summer season (on February or March 2018). Entrance fee has not yet been confirmed, but it should cost at least P500 per head. Make sure to bookmark this page as we will regularly update the information here.

PHOTOS BY Chang Euldan, Tim Carla Ocampo, Yetma Lao


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  1. Myleskie

    800 per head daw

  2. Jan Alexis C. Meguillo
    Jan Alexis C. Meguillo

    Hello. Is there an email address wherein i can make a business proposal to supply outdoor furniture for the site? Hoping for your reply. Thank your sir

  3. FamVamp

    Hi is there any update yet on the opening day?

  4. Joy zambrano

    I would love to see these animals. It msy seem cruel being captive but if well taken cared, loved by the care taker who really likes animals then its a grest experience for us here in cebu to see these animals.

  5. Laarni

    Hi Ram, I work for one of the travel agencies here in Cebu and we are interested to include this in our local tour packages. Would it be possible to get contact details for a fam tour?

  6. Joshua Cabasal

    What is there contact details?

  7. Raquel

    Wen is the exact opening date?

  8. maya

    how much is the entrance fee? I hope jud nga affordable lang :) can’t wait to visit

  9. JJ

    Pila ang entrance fee ?
    Hopefully affordable siya.

  10. Marlene Uy

    Can I visit the farm this coming March 10, 2017? If so how can I get there. I am a solo traveler and don’t have own vehicle so what transportation should I get when I arrived in the town proper of Carmen, Cebu.

  11. Animal Welfare Advocate Cebu
    Animal Welfare Advocate Cebu

    There is absolutely no need for zoos. We have the Cebu Zoo as a testament to that. Animals do not belong in captivity. One of the tigers from the same owners was relocated to the Amlan zoo because it was uncared for, emaciated and not given the proper amount of care. His disparity in size, health and overall state was very obvious compared to the other tigers. Having zoos to educate would just be a lame excuse because captivity is cruel. Animals in captivity only teaches our children that it’s ok to catch WILDLIFE instead of letting them stay in their own habitat. Captivity also does damage to the animals brain especially if they are in enclosures. Please think about how the animals will be before “attraction” and money. We should be better than this Cebu.

    • Brandon

      Totally agree all animals on this world deserve to be free and live their life just like us , it’s disgusting what we the the humans do to animals in this world.

  12. Marvey

    I would like to visit this place one day soon :)

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