Yang Hero Grand Opening: Bringing Authentic Chinese Cuisine to Cebu

As someone who has never tried Malatang before, Yang Hero set the bar so high for me after trying their exquisite dishes. Named after half of the owners who is Vincent Yang, and (whose last name is 杨)  a Chinese Surname associated to “warrior/hero” during the Song Dynasty, Yang Hero has something new to offer to all the foodies out there.

On February 18, the grand opening of Yang Hero’s second branch took place in Parkmall. Not only was their menu delectably excellent, but the interior was one you don’t see every day in any other restaurant. 

As Chinese as it can be, every corner is filled with red with multiple figures of traditional and modern murals and Chinese inscriptions in neon. Look up and you’ll see a multitude of lit lanterns and a ceiling, like going to a lantern festival in Chinese provinces.

Yang Hero offers affordable and authentic Sichuan food, directly putting Mainland Chinese cuisine on our local tables. This is the place where we can finally have a taste of malatang, exclusively originating from the owners’ hometown of Sichuan, named after its key ingredient, mala. This is a combination of Sichuan pepper and dried chili pepper- which is essentially a numbing spicy soup. Yang Hero, however, toned down the spices as not many Filipinos can take heat as much as people in other cultures who are very accustomed to it in their cuisine. Committed to their target market, Yang Hero tailored their menu to the average Filipino taste buds.

Diners get to choose the ingredients they want for their malatang, weighing everything they picked on the counter to avoid food waste, as this has been the problem of their previous system when customers kept putting ingredients without finishing their bowls. All the ingredients used in Yang Hero, except for the seafood and vegetables, are all imported from China. Expect a mind-blowing bowl of malatang soup with their premium ingredients at a very affordable price.

The affordability of everything in their menu sets Yang Hero apart from its counterparts. The recipes are authentic, the ingredients are high-grade, and you won’t quite have the taste and experience it offers anywhere else.




Parkmall Branch: 10 AM to 11 PM

Exact Location: Park Mall, Enclave Garden, Ouano Ave, Reclamation Area, Mandaue City

IT Park Branch: 11 AM to 11 PM

Exact Location: Ayala Malls, Central Bloc, 11, Garden Row, Cebu City

SM Seaside Branch: 10 AM to 9 PM(SUN-THURS)/10 PM (FRI-SAT)

Exact Location: 2nd Level Seaview Wing



Parkmall Branch: Ride 01K in Colon Street. The last stop of the jeepney would be the Parkmall Terminal before going back to Colon, and you will be dropped off exactly at the mall.

IT Park Branch: Ride 17B or 17D and ask the driver to drop you off at Garden Row.

SM Seaside: You may wait for MyBus at BDO Fuente, or the nearest bus stop where SM’s buses wait for passengers, which will bring you directly to SM Seaside. You may also ride 08G/09G/10G and ask the driver to drop you off at the flyover in Mambaling. From there, you can ride a habal-habal going to SM Seaside.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Yang Hero” + the name of the branch you plan to go to.

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