X’s AI Chatbot “Grok” Available to Premium+ Subscribers in the Philippines

Elon Musk introduced the AI chatbot for X developed by xAI to offer a unique approach to users for their inquiries. Now, the cutting-edge AI chatbot is available to X Premium+ subscribers in the Philippines. Meet Grok.

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Grok is a fascinating take on applications or websites answering users’ questions. With its distinctive hint of sarcasm and human-like tone, it certainly is one that is interesting to witness. 

Photo from Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto

Musk revealed Grok’s capabilities through a screenshot wherein it was asked how to make cocaine. The AI chatbot showcased its flexibility in handling queries by responding with both vagueness and sarcasm.

Furthermore, this revelation highlighted the chatbot’s real-time access to information regarding users’ tweets. This is what Musk referred to as Grok’s edge compared to other AI models such as ChatGPT.

You can now get the chance to talk to Grok for ₱1,190.

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