From Yoga to Weddings: What to do In Fort San Pedro

The oldest fort in the Philippines is in Cebu!

Originally made of wood, Fort San Pedro is a triangular shaped bastion fort initially built as a military defense to repel Muslim raiders. It has a side facing the land while two other sides facing the sea. Now, the fort is home to a gallery with artifacts from pre-colonial and Spanish era, and it is open for the public to see.

Not only can you find a gallery of things from early Filipino lives but also a space best suited for holding events and activities, such as the following:

First Dates

Fort San Pedro is one of the go-to places to hold first dates in Cebu. Aside from it being a public place with enough security personnel, the place has a romantic atmosphere especially at night. The benches and trees serve as great sitting spots. Also, because the fort is near the pier, you’ll get to witness the changing colors of the skies as the sunsets and rises.

Yoga & Workout Sesh

If peace and tranquility is what you’re after, then Fort San Pedro is the best place to go. Inside the fort, you can rent out a space to hold your yoga and workout classes. The best part is, you can hear birds chirping when you’re at the second level of the fort since it is an open space above.

Cacao & Spiritual Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies and other spiritual rituals are best held in areas where one is directly connected to nature; and that’s where the Fort San Pedro comes in! Whether you’re planning a cacao ceremony, a meditation session, or any other spiritual ritual, Fort San Pedro offers the perfect setting to deepen your connection with nature and the divine.

Weddings & Church Events

The historical charm of Fort San Pedro can add a layer of depth for weddings and church-related events. Some themes that most brides consider when renting out the fort for wedding ceremonies include Spanish era themes, luxury Filipiniana, and many more that embrace the natural beauty of the fort. You can even hold an after-party baptism celebration or a youth group event as long as you reserve beforehand.

Educational Tours

The fort’s built-in museum and every piece of architecture inside offers a glimpse into the life of Filipinos during the era when the fort was built. So, you can schedule an educational tour at the fort to get to know Cebu’s history and beginnings.

So, Sugboanons, have you ever tried going to Fort San Pedro? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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