Yes, There Is A Scientific Equation For The Perfect Burger!

Did you know that a leading food scientist studied burgers to know what an actual perfect burger would be like?

Leading food scientist, Charles Michel, conducted a study about burgers and how it is a multi-sensory experience when you bite into the tasty combination of meat, veggies, and buns. According to his studies, the scent of the well-marinated burger is as important as the feel of munching on it. So, let’s get into the breakdown of the scientific factors that determines if a burger is perfect:

30% Aromatics: The Power of Scent

Based on scientific research, our sense of smell plays a crucial role in tasting food; specifically 80% of how we taste or perceive the food we eat comes from how we prefer its scent. The aroma of grilled meat, fresh vegetables, and toasted buns triggers salivation and therefore it can enhance the enjoyable experience of eating a burger.

25% Texture: The Feel of the Bite

Texture is very important, from the crunch of the fresh lettuce, its tender meat, and the softness of the buns. The overall consistency of a burger’s texture can contribute to its appeal.

15% Flavor: The Combination of Ingredients

Imagine a burger with too much acidic taste from the tomatoes and pickles, instead of it being full of umami, it will be a vinegar explosion. So, when you make a burger, make sure that the meat’s well-marinated, the buns are well-seasoned and baked, and its ingredients are fresh.

15% Visual Appeal: Eating with the Eyes

Presentation matters. A well-constructed and visually-appealing burger can stimulate your appetite. It makes you think that the burger is tasty, fresh, and will taste good.

15% Sound: The Crunch Factor

The sound of biting into a burger can definitely add into the sensory experience which is why the crunch of its lettuce is vital for that fresh kick in a grilled hamburger.

15% Taste: The Final Frontier

The perfect combination of the umami-rich beef, the acidity of the ketchup and mayo, and the freshness of the vegetables makes a burger worth a second try. And although the scent and visual appeal of a burger were great, it will still be up to its final taste if the burger is a hit or a miss.

According to Charles Michel, the perfect burger has a height approximate to 7cm, width of 5cm, and must have at least 9 great layers of ingredients starting with the top bun, sauce, crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, deep-fried onion, cheese, burger meat, ketchup, and a seasoned lower bun, “We actually ‘taste’ food with all of our senses and it is scientifically inaccurate to think just about the taste of food in the mouth when discussing deliciousness.”

So, Sugboanons, know of any burger places that hits the mark as per the scientific results above? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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