Saving I Do’s: This Wedding Planner Saved Couples Who Got Scammed

There’s no stopping this wedding planner and her team as they lend hands to soon-to-be wedded couples in need!

Screengrab from MemoriesMade Weddings & Events Official Facebook Page

MemoriesMade Weddings & Events is one of the renowned wedding coordinators, planners, and organizers in Cebu. They specialize in all things wedding and event planning. But, amidst their busy schedules and full-packed clientele, the team is also committed to helping couples who have fallen victim to scams by unethical organizers.

Putting On The Cape

Last Friday, as we were corresponding with the wedding planning team, it took them a while to reply. When they did, they informed us that they found themselves bombarded with requests for help from couples who had been duped by a particular events organizer. “Thank you jud kaayo Mam, Grabe jud ko ka busy ron kay nag rescue me sa uban na couple na ge scam ni [redacted],” they stated. [Translation: Thank you so much, Ma’am. We’re really busy today because we were rescuing couples who were scammed by [redacted]” ]

Photo from Stephanie Maringuran
Photo from Stephanie Maringuran

Stephanie Maringuran, owner of MemoriesMade Weddings & Events, shared on her social media account, alongside screenshots of conversations with affected couples. Moved by their troubles, her team sprung into action, using their industry connections to secure sponsorships for essential wedding services.

 In total, they were able to secure sponsorships for almost EVERYTHING, including the following:

  • Basic Lights
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Bridal Car
  • Wedding Host
  • Venue Decorations
  • Wedding Gowns
  • OTD Coordinators
  • Bouquets & Corsages
  • Officiating Minister

After all the sponsorships, there’s still a lot left to do, but the additional help did lessen the pressure and worry that the couples faced. 

And while there’s still much to do, the outpouring of support has helped lessen some of the pressure and worry faced by the affected couples.

Photo from Stephanie Maringuran
Photo from Stephanie Maringuran
Photo from Stephanie Maringuran
Photo from Stephanie Maringuran

When asked why she and her team did what they did, she responded humbly, “I have pure intentions in helping the victims without expecting something in return.” And indeed, for Stephanie’s team, going above and beyond for their clients isn’t just a job – it’s a calling.

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