JUST IN: Php 172.00 Increase On Your Next Bill, Announced VECO

Starting this month, there will be a Php 0.86/kWh increase on your electricity bill, Sugboanons!

The Visayan Electric Company just announced on social media that they will be increasing their electricity rates in the coming months. The reason for the change is due to the high generation rates or price hike of Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) in the previous month, April.

From last month’s electricity rate of Php 11.28/kWh, we Sugboanons will expect an additional Php 0.86/kWh, bringing the new rate to Php 12.14/kWh in the current month. Based on VECO’s estimation, this can sum up an additional rate of Php 172.00 for households.

Visayan Electric President and Chief Operating Officer Engr. Raul C. Lucero explained the increase, “Generation rates are pass-through charges that are paid to power generation companies through WESM.”

Lucero also reminded the VECO consumers to be aware of electricity consumption and practice mindfulness, “I strongly encourage our customers to intensify their power conservation efforts. Power conservation not only lessens our consumption but also helps us lessen the possibility of rotational brownouts in times when there are power supply issues.”


Here are some of the ways to save electricity according to the Visayan Electric Company:

  1. Switch electric stoves and appliances off when not in use.
  2. Limit your television and computer hours.
  3. Avoid unnecessarily opening your refrigerators.
  4. Shut electric fans off when not in use.
  5. Turn off hot water and heaters when not in use.
  6. Conserve water in deep well pumps.
  7. Repair or replace defective appliances.

So, Sugboanons, what do you think of the increase in the VECO electricity rates for May to June? Share your thoughts below.

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