5 Cute Valentine Date Ideas for LDR Couples

The season of love is finally near! 

Valentine’s Day is the day that we lovers express their love through greetings and gifts. More often than not, Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by couples by going on dates such as dinner dates, movie dates, and museum dates. 

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But what about couples in a long distance? Worry no more because we gotchu! If you want a Valentine’s LDR date that goes beyond the usual virtual movie dates, why not try video games?  It has been found that the act of play can be essential to maintaining a healthy, loving, long-lasting relationship. 

  1. Would You Rather 

This game is most of the time played in groups but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be played by long-distance couples. Whether you have been together for a  time or just recently, knowing your partner more in a fun way is never a wrong move.

For those unfamiliar with this game, all you just need to do is ready questions that start with “Would you rather…” An example of this is, “Would you rather I visit you there or you visit me here?” and you can further escalate this question and start being flirty. You can also utilize Would You Rather question prompts for free online. 

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Would You Rather Applications are available on Google Play and Apple Store.  

  1. Wordle 

Wordle is such an inclusive game. This means that couples in a long-distance can do it too! Wordle is an online game that tests your vocabulary, especially in English. So if you want to play a game that needs several brain cells, or both of you love to challenge yourselves, World is the best for you! 

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To play Wordle, you need to install it first. It is available on Google Play or Apple Store

  1. Paired 

Paired is an app that allows you to know your partner deeper and brings you two together. You can test your partner’s knowledge about dreams, beliefs, childhood, and even intimate moments.

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If you wish to play Paired, you can access the application on Google Play or Apple Store.

  1. Scrabble  

Scrabble has the same concept as Wordle, and in this time and age, Scrabble is now not only limited to face-to-face scrabble games because online scrabble games have also been recently developed. And just like all other online games listed here, it is also for free!

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  1. Pokipet

If you want to take care of a pet of your partner together but cannot because of the distance, then worry not! While you are still long-distance, you can temporarily use co-parenting online games such as Pokipet!

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If you wish to take good care of a virtual pet with your partner, you can download Pokipet on Google Play or Apple Store.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is different for each and every couple which shows that no matter how you celebrate it, what matters most is that you are with your person and you are enjoying your company. 

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