UP Diliman to Hold a Lecture that Focuses on Taylor Swift

Did you really think Taylor Swift couldn’t be more iconic? 

The University of the Philippines Diliman is planning to conduct an academic class about Taylor Swift next semester.

Photo from University of the Philippines

The class will be called BMAS 196 Celebrity Studies: Taylor Swift in Focus. The lecture will be done weekly and will be three-hours long. So, what can you possibly learn in this class? Well, it’s not singing her hit songs, I’d tell you that. BMAS 196 Celebrity Studies: Taylor Swift in Focus will tackle the “conception, construction, and performance of Taylor Swift as a celebrity and how she can be used to explain our and, of course, media’s relationship with class, politics, gender, race, and fantasies of success and mobility.”

Photo from UP College of Mass Communication Facebook Page

The class is set to be taught by UPD Associate Professor Chrish Aileen Brillion. Believe it or not, other universities already offer classes on Taylor Swift such as Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. 

Photo from The Seattle Times

Who can take the BMAS 196? The class is reserved for UP’s Department of Broadcast Communication students. However, if they see the need and demand for it, the course will be open to other students in the next semesters.

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