Unique Giveaway Ideas for Your Wedding This 2024!

The month of June is fast approaching, and soon, it’ll be time for you to tie the knot and become a June bride. So, you should be prepared with everything! And if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect wedding favors to give to your guests and family, then you’re in for a treat as we offer you a list of thank-you gifts you can consider:

1. Photo Booth

Photo by Party Memories Photobooth

Capture the joyous moments of your special day with a photo booth! Guests can snap fun selfies and group shots, complete with props and customized frames. It’s a hit among guests and ensures everyone leaves with cherished memories. For as low as Php 2,000.00, you can already rent out a photo booth service that’s good for 100 shots and printed photos with frames for your guests.

2. Customized Tumbler

Photo by Lexie Figuracion

Gone are the days when wedding favors were mugs with the faces of the bride and groom; opt for customized tumblers instead. Engrave or print each guest’s name on their tumbler for a personalized touch they’ll appreciate. Practical and stylish, it’s a gift they’ll use again and again.

3. Custom Cold Brew

Photo by Four Thirteen Blend

For caffeine fanatics, this one’s for you! Now you can have bottled coffee with your and your spouse’s names wrapped around the bottle itself, making it a caffeine-tastic wedding favor! Most coffee shops even allow you to invent your own coffee flavor for guests to be reminded of your special day with every sip.

4. Watercolor Portrait

Photo by Hues and Tones PH

Channel your inner artist by hiring a painter to create watercolor portraits of your guests. These unique and personalized gifts will be treasured keepsakes, reminding them of the love and creativity shared on your wedding day.

5. Ref Magnets

Photo by Treasure Box Souvernirs

Add a touch of nostalgia with customized ref magnets. Guests can proudly display these durable keepsakes on their fridges, constantly reminding them of the wonderful memories made at your wedding. Plus, they’re budget-friendly at only Php 20.00 each, making them a practical choice for any wedding favor.

With these thoughtful and creative wedding favors, your guests will feel appreciated and cherished as they celebrate your special day with you.

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