Totally Spies Fans Rejoice; A Live-Action Season Is In-The-Making!

Hey, Totally Spies fans! The wait is finally over! We are getting the live-action treatment at last!

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The Spies are coming back with a brand new series on Amazon Prime. Sam, Clover, and Alex, our favorite teenage super spies, are ready for more high-stake missions, undercover disguises, and thrilling adventures!

In this new live action season, Sam, Clover, and Alex are called by WOOPH (The World Organization for Human Protect) to face off against new villains, each more cunning and dangerous than the last. They will use their clever spy gadgets and their unbreakable friendship to knock off the challenges. From stopping crimes to solving mysteries, our trio is ready for anything. 

But it’s not just about the action. We’ll also get a deeper look into their personal lives; Sam, Clover, and Alex will navigate the complexities of school, friendships, and even more romance. They will evolve as individuals and as a team, showing us how they balance their duty to the world and their own personal struggles as college freshmen.

Photo from Prime Video

Totally Spies Fancast

Netizens were buzzing with their celebrity fancast for each member of the Totally Spies trio. Let’s see below who they want to play Sam, Alex, and Clover:

Samantha “Sam” Sullivan Fancast

Sam is known for being the resourceful one in the group with great leadership skills. She is the studious type and also, she’s famed for her long flowing red hair. Her style leans more on “preppy hippie” as she always wears mid to long skirts and flowing outfits.

Alexandra “Alex” Huang Fan Cast

The perfect mix of a girly pop tomboy; Alex is the one who usually kicks ass between the trio. She loves sports but also shopping and boys, and she’s the youngest in the group. Her favorite hobby is eating as can be seen in her food themed outfits.

Clover Anderson Fan Cast

Clover Anderson can be described as the most stereotypical teenage girl who loves falling in love with boys and obsessed with fashion. She is known have a short blonde hair and is extremely flirty with a never-ending list of boyfriends.

So, Sugboanons, are you as excited as we are for the upcoming live-action? Well, you should! Also, who will you be fan casting as the live action versions of the trio? Share your fave celebrity bias in the comments below!

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