Top Web Design Software for Beginners

Sugboanons, unleash your inner creativity by enhancing your design skills through these web design software and apps!

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Web design is useful in many ways. Whether you are a brand trying to market your products or a student who is eager to produce visually appealing designs and projects. Thus, having this skill is crucial in many different ways. 

Here are some web design softwares that you can use to hone your skills!


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A software is commonly used by beginners. It is indeed an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a software that can help in producing graphic designs, regardless of their experience. It is also a free software which offers features that can guide you in web designing. 


Screengrab from WordPress

This software is free and open. Making it another perfect choice for beginners. It comes with built-in themes open for everyone. It also has unlimited plugins for endless customization processes desired by users. 

Adobe Photoshop

Screengrab from Adobe Photoshop Software

A premium web design tool. It offers a wide variety of features to be used in designing and conceptualizing. Upon opening the software, it gives you a blank canvas which allows you to be imaginative of what you are trying to achieve. You can attach images, draw, move elements, and edit  your desired template freely. 


Screengrab from Figma

It is a software that allows you to connect your creative or design team. It is an essential tool to share your project with a client, making it hassle-free. It comes with a lot of fonts and designs that you can pick on, and other settings below the editing panel. 


Screengrab from Wix

This software is considered to be more of a website builder than a coding platform. It is also known as a drag-and-drop editor which is flexible for web designing. It is great for beginners, independent workers, and business owners. 

Sharpening a skill in web designing is vital in many ways. Having this good skill may encapsulate the attention of your audience, making it easier for you to achieve your desired goals. Beyond that, it mimics the personality or concept behind the design. A good design speaks a lot from the people or person behind it. 

As early as now, enhance your web designing skills and try out these beginner-friendly web design websites! 

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