Tippy Dos Santos talks about Mother’s Accident and Death

Just days before the New Year, Happy Dos Santos, the mother of singer-actress Tippy Dos Santos, got into an accident and passed away. 

The actress shared details about her mother’s death. According to her, her parents went to South Korea and arrived in Incheon at around 4 AM. The couple were transferred from the airport to the hotel after 5 AM. However, while on the road, a construction vehicle hit their vehicle. 

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Tippy recounted that she received a call from her father as she was asleep. 

“I was asleep, and my dad started calling me. I remember it was just vibrating and I answered and he just told me na your mom and I got into an accident. They were just waiting for an ambulance, and I remember he told me that he was not sure that my mom was breathing. And to tell our family members what’s going on,” said the actress. 

Tippy called her sister to inform her of what happened. Her parents were brought to the nearest hospital. 

Tippy booked a flight to South Korea with her Aunt and her aunt’s husband. Her aunt was a doctor. 

Tippy and her companions were allowed to head to the ICU to see her mom. 

“Before that, they showed yung mga scans just showing currently what my mom state was/ They allowed us to go inside the ICU, and that’s when I was able to see my mom.”

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Tippy described how her mom was just unconscious, badly injured, and that it was her first time seeing her mom be so unresponsive. 

“That was just the most heartbreaking thing to see, and the doctors told us that she had respiratory arrest, and that’s why she was unable to breathe for a time, that’s why she was in a coma.”

After a day, her sister flew from the Philippines to South Korea. 

On December 30th,  in the morning, Tippy’s sister received a call and was told to head to the hospital quickly. That’s when they were told that Happy Dos Santos’ pulse was slowing down, and her breathing stopped for nine seconds. 

Doctors were still able to revive the actress’ mother, but her blood pressure was already very low. Tippy and her family received bad news as doctors told them that there was “no hope” for Happy anymore. Her brain scans showed no brain stem activity.

Happy Dos Santos passed away at 11:47 AM on December 30 due to a traumatic brain injury. 

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Her father also suffered fractured ribs. At the moment, an investigation is being conducted by the South Korean police, but Tippy has not disclosed any further information. 

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