#ThePeopleofCebu: Cebu’s Opinion on the Cebuano Fashion Scene

Cebuano fashion has always been a controversial topic for many Filipinos and Cebuanos alike, especially that the country is highly conservative due to the large influence of Catholic teachings. However, as eons went by, our fashion culture is slowly breaking out the norms of the country.

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Hence, we went on the busy streets of Cebu and asked the people of Cebu about their personal perspective on its current fashion scene.

An Expression

Princess Christine Literato shared that right now, fashion is how Cebuanos express themselves. Similarly, both Yoshi Cañete and Josh Plariza shared the same insights.

Moreover, Rizelle Caumeran shared that fashion is also a Cebuano’s outlet of expression. Like the way she dresses is how she expresses herself, it’s like how she’s telling the world who she is through the way she dresses.

Mackabuang or also known as Mack also views fashion in the same light as Princess and the other three. He remarked that fashion is “being who you are and how you express yourself.” 

Additionally, Kamille Bascar, also views fashion as a self-expression. Further stating that fashion is an art and it’s an outlet one can express himself/herself or just “a way to be who you are.” 

Further proving this point, Clarence expressed that fashion is an art, since art is how people express themselves and the way Cebuano people use fashion as an outlet for their personality, then fashion is truly an art.


Sniwel John Lenix Cartagena shared his sentiments that the fashion in Cebu is largely affected by the climate and weather of the country. That the clothing that an individual wears is dependent on how hot or how cold the surrounding environment is. This has also shown how versatile Cebuano fashion can be.  

Pop Culture

Andrie Elizalde, who is apparently just a visitor of Cebu, shared his insights on the Cebuano fashion scene. He was actually impressed by the Cebuano fashion scene. According to him, our fashion is largely influenced by pop culture. Further adding that our current pop preferences are what’s affecting our personal choice of clothing.

Western Influence

For a high school student, the current fashion scene of Cebu is now slowly adapting to the Western influence, that the current generation of Cebuanos are integrating the Western style of dressing. She further added that the Western influence might be because of thrift stores that are mostly selling clothing that are largely influenced by Western fashion.

Photos by Javeryl Merlas

— The Cebuano fashion scene is rapidly evolving due to numerous factors, but the question remains, is this a good thing for Cebuano culture? Well, time will tell. For now, let us just relish and enjoy the colorful fashion scene of modern Cebu.

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