The Odd Beauty of Grunge: A Fashion Guide

Interested in Grunge Fashion? This guide is for you!

Before anything else, let’s first discover the history and definition of grunge. It is essential to know the meaning of something before getting ourselves into it. 

What is Grunge?

To begin with, Grunge is a genre under alternative rock which emerged in the mid-1980’s. It originated in Seattle, Washington. It is also an American slang term for “dirt” or “rubbish”. This subculture was also an American movement concerned with social justice. Grunge is sort of an anti-fashion response, specifically implying looking down upon the “conformity” of  fashion. Moreover, it is also a form of encouragement for musicians to dress authentically rather than glamouring themselves. Grunge music usually consists of rebellious lyrics that are mostly related to social issues or relationships. The peak of this Movement involved a well-known band called Nirvana.

What is Grunge Fashion?

This fashion style refers to the clothes, accessories, basically a visual representation of grunge music. The major element of this style is using sturdy thrifted clothes in a loose style specifying the wearer’s silhouette.

How to Dress Grunge

Starting the game up by listening to bands under this genre is particularly a good step as listening to its associated music genre starts influencing your taste in fashion. You may also find various in-depth inspirations. Welcome to the world of Grunge! Do not forget that the main point of this style is to dress recklessly! Go out and be unbothered about other people’s opinions towards the way you express yourself in clothes. Painting this mindset is a really vital step in dressing grunge! After implementing these initial steps, let’s continue with the basic guide to dressing in grunge style.


Smokey eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, sharp eyebrows, multi-layered mascara, and lacquered lips.


Metal chains, leather chokers, black nail polish, leather belts, and beanies.


Lumberjack shirts, flannel, baggy pants, long slip skirts, striped long sleeve tees, band shirts, vintage sweaters, black boots, and of course, converse shoes. Don’t forget that layering is an essential part of styling your clothes too! 

Overall, grunge fashion serves as a unique and expressive style characterized by layering, distressed clothings, messy and bold make-up, combat boots and dirty converse. As time continues running, this style also continues evolving into a versatile and adaptable aesthetic. Let us not forget that the key to mastering grunge fashion is embracing its inherent sense of rebellion, authenticity, and nonconformity.


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  1. finallyyyy someone guiding a grunge style. I hope in my place, grunge will not be considered as a weird style and creepy huhu


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