Sza and Paramore Collab, “In the Works”

Good news for the fans of Sza and Paramore! 

A new song collaboration of Sza and Paramore is in its works! This was revealed by the Grammy-winning “Snooze” singer, Sza during her interview with Apple Music.

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“Yeah. Soon, soon.” 

“It’s in the works,” the R&B singer added. 

She also revealed that one of her SOS songs, “F2F” somehow has a “Paramore” connection to the track and confessed that she consulted Paramore’s lead vocalist, Hayley Williams as she branched out to other genres for her SOS album. 

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“[The album was] literally me checking off goals. Just me wanting to be like, ‘Oh, I can do this. I don’t suck. Is it possible to achieve this specific goal?'”

“And for each of those genres I would text people like Hayley Williams and be like, ‘Does it sound like I’m trying to do something that I shouldn’t be doing, or does it sound organic? Because it felt really natural to me, but you’re the queen of this, how does it sound to you?'” continued SZA. “And be like, ‘This is perfect.'”

Sza is also often in contact with Hayley more than the publics know which she admitted as a reply to her fans on X. 

“Hayley Williams x SZA collab when???” a fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Photo from @sza on X

Given this, do not be shocked if the alternative-pop-punk ban Paramore is listed as a feature for on SZA’s upcoming Lana project. This project is rumored to double the efforts of the Grammy-winning album, SOS.

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