Starbucks? No, It’s Starbuk’s! — The Shop on Top of the Hill

Starbuk’s ta sa bukid na!

Photo Contributed by Krysta Lauren

When we hear the word ‘Starbucks,’ we mostly think of the famous American coffee shop. But did you know that there is a Filipino-invented Starbucks? Yes, that’s right! There really is; however, it is not the typical Starbucks that we know and are most fond of!

Starbuk’s: Cebuano Humor in Flesh!

Sugboanons are known not only for their stoic and strict tone of talking but also for their humorous and witty remarks. Joseph Sabello, commonly known by the public as El Isog or Ungart, and Kim Chiu are both living proofs of Cebuano’s peak humor and wittiness.

Photo Contributed by Ana Bonghanoy

As hiking became a popular way of bonding with friends and families here in Cebu, secluded evidence of Cebuano humor and wittiness has been unearthed and unraveled for the world to see! Located at the top of Spartan Trail in Paseo Arcenas in Banawa, Starbuk’s boasts a variety of food and beverage choices. Besides that, the view from the place is also spectacular!

Photo Contributed by Ana Bonghanoy

The Hike 

Starbuk’s is currently a regular residence of Paul and Neneng at the top of a hill that turned into a coffee shop, and a small eatery for the passing hikers and locals of the place.

Photo Contributed by Krysta Lauren

The hike will start from McDonald’s Banawa to Good Shepherd to Everybody’s friendly Lola. Up ahead, you will then be greeted by a perilous, steep, and slippery hill of the Spartan Trail. After crossing the trail, you will encounter a footpath filled with small holes, which can be a perfect sanctuary for snakes and other wildlife! How thrilling! Nevertheless, after a long hike, Starbuk’s and the amazing view at the top will indeed heal your weary mind and body.

However, if you do not wish to walk the dangerous path of the Spartan Trail, you can still hike to Starbuk’s using an alternative route. You can use the Hoya Trail or the Monterazza Trail. Nevertheless, it is recommended for you to have a guide to avoid getting lost during your hike.

Photo Contributed by Krysta Lauren



*Prices may change without prior notice

  • Lucky Me Go Cup: Php 25.00
  • Served Pancit Canton: Php 25.00
  • Served Lucky Me: Php 20.00
  • Boiled Eggs: Php 12.00
  • Fried Eggs: Php 15.00
  • Lucky Me w/ Egg: Php 30.00
  • Kwek-Kwek: Php 5.00 per piece
  • Tempura: Php 20.00 for 3 pieces
  • Fish Balls: Php 1.00 per piece
  • Hotdog:Php 10.00 per piece
Cold Beverages
  • Royal: Php 15.00
  • Coke: Php 15.00
  • Sting: Php 25.00
  • Tubig: Php 20.00
  • Gatorade: Php 45.00
  • Red Horse: 130.00
  • Kulafu: Php 60.00
Coffee & Hot Beverages
  • Gatas Swak: Php 20.00
  • Nescafe Creamy White: Php 15.00
  • Kopiko Black: Php 15.00
  • Kopiko Brown: Php 15.00
  • Kopiko Blanca: Php 15.00
  • Nescafe Original: Php 15.00
  • Milo: Php 20.00
  • Great Taste: Php 15.00
  • Energen: Php 15.00
  • Nescafe Stick: Php 10.00
  • Hot Water: Php 5.00


Exact Location: McDonald’s, Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City

  • By Commute: From I.T. Park bus terminal, ride a bus-jeep going to Talisay City. You then tell the conductor or the driver to drop you off at McDonald’s Banawa.
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin the location McDonald’s Paseo Arcenas.

So, Sugboanons, what do you think of this trending hiking spot? Share your Starbuks experiences in the comments below!

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