Singapore Maintains Strong Anti-Corruption Stance, Secures 5th Place in Global Ranking

Out of 180 countries, Singapore lands at #5 in the list of the least corrupt nations according to the 2023 Corruption Perception Index, maintaining their spot since the year prior. The nation had a score of 83/100, calculated by the index using 13 external sources. This shows their commitment to combating corruption, which can clearly be seen in how the country is flourishing, as well as their public sector practices.

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Maintaining a good reputation like that bolsters Singapore’s global image, and positions it as a pioneer among Southeast Asian countries. The Corruption Perception Index is a crucial benchmark for this, making Singapore a testament to the effectiveness of robust systems that guarantee transparency and accountability in governance.

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The organization that made the index possible plays a significant role in the anti-corruption movement. Transparency International works in over 100 countries, operating with the goal of ending corruption and promoting transparency which should be the bare minimum for any governing body. While it’s sad that a meritocratic system has to inspire integrity to a set of officials whom their people trusted enough to vote for, the organization’s commitment to their goal truly does something to instill non-negotiable values of governance, not only to those in seat, but also to people on the ground who have the power to elect their leaders.

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Other than ranking in the Corruption Perception Index, Singapore has also placed in other reputable reports, namely the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index and the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy’s report on Corruption in Asia. All of these accolades truly solidify Singapore as a regional leader that relentlessly pursues a corruption-free society.

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