Simplified Korean Visa Application: A Breakdown for Eligible Applicants

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea has recently announced simplified visa application procedures for specific individuals in the Philippines, which can be extended to their immediate family members. This initiative takes effect from February 1 until December 31, 2024.

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The initiative makes the application process a lot more convenient for eligible applicants with some document submissions now being optional. However, important requirements are still mandatory such as the general application form, passport bio-page copy, and proof of relationship for those who are traveling alongside immediate family members.

1. Professional License Holders

Another privilege emerges for professionals like lawyers, CPAs, pharmacists, veterinarians, and physicians who hold a valid Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID. These individuals won’t have to undergo the long process of providing bank certificates and statements as they only have to submit their original certificate of employment as well as a copy of their PRC license or IBP ID.

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2. BDO Gold or BDO Elite Credit Card Holders

Except supplementary card holders, BDO Gold and BDO Elite credit card holders can now enjoy a streamlined visa application. All they have to do is present their certificate of employment, the last three months’ billing statements, and a credit card copy, and they’ll be good to go!

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3. Elected Politicians

Members of congress, senators, mayors, governors, and board members can now enjoy a much easier process in obtaining their visa. The requirements are their original certificate of employment or certificate of appointment, a disclosure of their organizational details, working period, position, and salary.

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4. Certain Government Officials

This privilege is also offered to those in positions higher than Assistant Secretary in the Executive Branch or Brigadier General in the AFP or PNP. With similar requirements to elected politicians such as the original certificate of employment, disclosure of organizational details, working period, position, and salary, the hassle-free application process is completely theirs.

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To find out more details regarding the visa application, you may refer to the official announcement given by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines here:

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