Say ‘I Do’ to Civil Weddings: Why They’re Just as Magical!

You’re still saying “I Do” the same way – with love.

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A civil wedding is a type of ceremony where, instead of reciting your vows inside a church or in front of a pastor, you say it inside a courthouse. While it may not follow the traditional religious way of church weddings, civil ceremonies are still as charming and romantic on their own.

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Here’s why civil weddings are just as enchanting for couples who are truly in love as their more conventional counterparts:


Let’s face it, couples who save together, stay financially stable longer! And for that, civil weddings offer a wallet-friendly alternative to traditional ceremonies, with fewer frills and lower costs. It’s all about maximizing the fun without breaking the bank.

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Much more intimate

Forget stuffy traditions and formalities—civil weddings are all about intimacy and connection. Couples can exchange vows in a chill, laid-back atmosphere surrounded by their closest family and friends as the witnesses at the courthouse; it’s as simple as that!

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Quicker ceremonial rites

Church weddings are beautiful, however, they also involve several songs, long processionals, and many more. So, if you’re the type of couple who wants to tie the knot immediately and quickly with no hassle, then civil weddings are for you! You just need to arrive at the courthouse, meet the judge, do the ceremony, sign the contract, and take a few photos, then you’re good to go!

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Spice Up Your Civil Weddings At These Venues

Although a civil ceremony takes place in the courthouse, it does not mean that your vibe and reception will have to be boring. So, we have listed here a couple of reception venues for your friends and family after you cordially say “I Do”:

Garden Reception

Layout a banquet table for your friends and family, add a touch of floral arrangements, lights, hire a host, and you’re good to go! This intimate setting helps everyone in the entourage get to know each other and laugh to the fond memories of the couple before and after they tied the knot.

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Hotel Function Hall Reception

Most hotels nowadays offer discounted rates for events, and there are also wedding planners who have partnerships with hotel chains. So, if you want an indoor option, choose function halls for your reception. The best part about this is that you can go crazy with the decor or keep it minimal.

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Out-of-town Resort Reception

Maybe you met during freediving or when you’re on a spa trip – an out-of-town reception can be a great option especially for those who prefer a more exclusive celebration. You can choose from a variety of resorts; be it on a mountaintop or beachside.

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Diner Reception

Love at first sight? More like love at first bite of that tasty burger! And no, this is not a paid promotion or whatnot; you can actually choose to dine at any restaurant after your civil wedding! Aside from it being a unique experience, since most wedding receptions are super extravagant, it can also cool down the stress of what’s gonna happen next for your next chapter as a couple. This is the perfect choice if you both are up for practicality and embracing your childhood.

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What do you think of civil weddings, Sugboanons? 

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