Slimy Surgery: Robotic Slime to Retrieve Objects Inside Human Bodies

Our favorite slime toy can now be used to save human lives!

Slimes are commonly used as toys by people of all ages. However, did you know that a recent scientific discovery has given them the ability to be used as a medical tool to treat patients?

Photo from Chinese University in Hong Kong

Another Medical Discovery

The Hong Kongese academia has contributed another novel concept to medical science that might offer significant help to medical operations and internal surgeries; a robotic slime that can go in and out of the human body. Currently, the robotic slime is under development with the collaboration of The Chinese University in Hong Kong and Harbin Institute of Technology.    

Photo from Chinese University in Hong Kong

The Gooey Medical Tool

Photo from Chinese University in Hong Kong

The slime was authored and developed with a basic use of getting out unwanted objects inside the body that was accidentally ingested. It will basically work using the magnetic property to avoid incision and cuts. 

Hence, the slime will be constructed with materials with a magnetic element. To cover the toxic properties of the magnet, it will be covered with slime ensuring the safety and security of the patient. 

Apparently, the slime will behave like solid if it is applied with a strong force and will behave like liquid if a gentle force is applied on it. Furthermore, the robotic slime can be controlled to take different forms; forms like C and O.

The chief author of the concept Li Zhang also stated that the discovery can not only be applied to medicine, but it can also be used for other real-world applications.

— Medical science is one of the most important branches of life sciences. Since this field solely focuses on saving human lives, and we know how fragile a human life can be. This discovery will surely be a huge boost to the field to further our knowledge in curing and extending human life.

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