A Walkthrough to Rico Yan’s Top Movies & Shows that Made Him Famous

It’s 2024 and his grave has now become a tourist spot…

Rico Yan was one of the most beloved actors during his live acting career. Even after his death, his name continues to be relevant.

But what really made Rico Yan so famous?

The Legacy of Rico Yan

Rico Yan starred in many local movies and series, however, there were notable movie castings that made him rise to the fame that he has today. 


A 1997 series that ran through until 1999. The series had 537 episodes. This series was one of the castings that made Rico Yan a household name for the Filipino people. The series also starred famous actress Claudine Barreto and actor Patrick Garcia. The series runs around the life story of Via (Claudine Barreto). 

The story started at Via’s 18th birthday where she was betrothed to her childhood friend Michael (Diether Ocampo) where she was also kidnapped but was later rescued by Gabriel (Rico Yan) who became her new love interest. Via must now choose between Michael and Gabriel while uncovering the secrets of her mother, Magda.


Originally a TV show series, but was eventually transformed into a movie in 1997. Also, the movie was just like the original tv show since it was divided into two episodes. This movie was one of the casting that gained Rico Yan his fame. The movie also starred famous tv personalities Jolina Magdangal (Leslie), Marvin Agustin (Butch), Kaye Abad (Jenny) and many more. 


One of the famous Filipino movies of all time, this 1hr and 50 min. show was apparently the one that made Rico Yan so famous in the industry. This 1998 movie casted some of the famous names in the acting show business.

The story revolves around Mela (Claudine Barreto) an airhead brat who is trying to catch the attention and win over Miguel (Rico Yan), the campus nerd and geek. However, due to the huge difference in their personality, will Mela be able to change for love?


A 2002 series that starred Claudine Barreto, was also one of the movies that made Rico Yan a trademark in the acting industry. The story was all about Tony’s desperate quest to find love. Where she met Lawrence (Rico Yan), who was a photographer who offered to help Tony to find her ideal man. Ultimately, the story is how the both of them discover the true definition of true love.

— Rico Yan’s rise to fame became an inspiration to all Filipinos who also want to tread the path of show business. His untimely demise became a tragic event for all. Nevertheless, this never prompted his fame to wane. It even became the reason why his popularity increased among the Filipino masses.  

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