Must-Listen “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus” Tracks Before Their PH Shows!

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is coming to Davao and Manila this coming September, so let’s get those rockin ‘tunes on repeat, Sugboanons!

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

It’s going to be one hell of a night as the ultimate early 2000’s American rock band graces the Philippine stages once again since their last visit in 2016 for their “Don’t You Fake It: 10 Year Anniversary World Tour.”

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

On June 5, 2024, PULP Live World posted on social media a mystery photo that sparked the excitement of netizens as it showed three red jumpsuits with the initials of R, J, and A. And the best part? Well, the  band commented on the post to confirm the fans’ speculations, “🔥🖤SET LIST=ALL THE BANGERS‼️📝,” they wrote.

So, before the month of September comes, let’s get the nostalgia going as we get into the banger songs of The red Jumpsuit:

Face Down

The song “Face Down” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has garnered over 149 million views on YouTube since its release in 2006. The powerful music video delves into the harrowing reality of abusive relationships, shedding light on the struggle of recognizing red flags despite being in love. The song confronts the abuser, questioning their actions and asking if they feel any remorse for the harm they cause. It’s a reminder of the importance of standing up against abuse, choosing to leave regardless of the level of love, and seeking help when needed.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

Your Guardian Angel

It’s one of the most timeless emo-pop anthems that still gives us goosebumps as it changes keys in the bridge. The heartfelt lyrics and emotional melody of “Your Guardian Angel” have been a go-to choice for expressing love and devotion to someone special, especially during non-conventional weddings. With over 32 million views on YouTube, it remains the anthem in the alternative and emo community.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

Damn Regret

This song speaks to those who find themselves caught between love and fear in a relationship. With its powerful lyrics and headbanging tune, the song captures the raw emotion of wrestling with the desire to commit deeper into a relationship while dealing with the fear of potential regrets. It’s THE anthem for anyone navigating the complications of love and uncertainty.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

False Pretense

Ever been ghosted or stabbed in the back by someone you thought you can trust? The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus gets it! Their song “False Pretense” can hit you right in the feels as it shows the betrayal and deception we’ve all gone through at some point in our lives.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

Cat and Mouse

If you’ve been in a relationship where you felt like you’re in sync with your partner one minute, only to find yourselves drifting apart the next, then the song “’Cat and Mouse” will be your anthem.’ It’s a song about the heartache of growing apart and watching your dreams change individually while still in a so-called “committed relationship”. If you’ve been there, hit play and let the emotions wash over you. Sometimes, music is the only way to truly feel understood.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

Angels Cry

From “Your Guardian Angel” to “Angel’s Cry,” The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus truly captures the timeline of relationships and the pain of leaving or saying goodbye to someone. It’s a powerful reminder that even in our darkest moments, music has the power to heal and uplift our spirits. So if you’re in need of an emotional release, hit play and let “Angel’s Cry” wash over you with its raw emotion and raw beauty.

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Official Instagram

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus still has tons of songs that could bring back memories of being emo such as “Misery Loves Company,” “The Grim Goodbye,” and “Justify.” Just keep on listening to their tracks and albums until September 11 and 12, 2024 for their most-awaited concert.

Stay tuned for more updates about it and we’ll see you there, Sugboanons!

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