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We are all unreliable in terms of productivity especially when we’re at home, may the task be for work or for school. It’s just nearly impossible not to give into the temptations of laying in bed and just scrolling through our phones. However, Nest Workspaces is your friend when it comes to this dilemma.

Coffee shops are always an alternative, but because everyone who goes to coffee shops all have varying goals of being there, the environment can be distracting. Maybe your conscience will also eat you if you stay too long after buying just one coffee. You might think about getting another one, but it all sums up to be too pricey. It’s simply different to be in an actual workspace where you get to manage your own time and have no choice but to focus.

#DoThatThing in a Conducive Environment

The entire place is so big, you might not even end up sitting next to anyone. Inside, there is a wide array of options where you can sit in. For one, they have a large wooden table with office chairs that can alleviate the ergonomic hazards tied to sitting for a long time. They also have sitting areas that resemble those of coffee shops, with a table in the middle, a sofa on one side, and a wooden chair just across it.

For groups, there are also big marbled tables with cushioned chairs – perfect for peers who need to study out. If you want more privacy, there are also booth-like areas with dividers, so you can’t see who’s in front of you or behind you. Here, you can choose how you want to deliver your tasks in the most comfortable way possible.

The Essentials: Coffee, Tea, and WiFi

At this time in the 21st century, productivity has become synonymous with high-speed internet. And even that, Nest Workspaces has got you covered. You can stop worrying about interruptions or slow WiFi because you only get the best of the best here.

In need of caffeine? You’re all set. Prefer tea? Go ahead! Nest Workspaces offers free flowing coffee and tea to keep you focused. And you don’t have to pay additional!

Photo from Nest Workspaces Official Facebook Page

Meeting Rooms and Creative Studios

If you’re with your classmates or coworkers and you need a place to present ideas or brainstorm, meeting rooms await you. Here, you can have utmost privacy and the freedom to speak as loudly as you can with their thick walls and glass door. You don’t have to stress yourself out finding a venue to discuss something with your peers anymore.

Photo from Nest Workspaces Official Facebook Page
Photo from Nest Workspaces Official Facebook Page

If you’re a content creator looking for a good space to shoot, creative studios are also available in Nest Workspaces. Other than the space, they also have built-in lighting and a light diffuser, giving you the best results in your footage or photographs.

Everyone is welcome to Nest Workspaces, and even better, if you’re a member, then you’re good to stay 24/7. If you’re not convinced enough, then you can always go see for yourself and try working on your tasks in such a favorable setting. 

Photo from Nest Workspaces Official Facebook Page

Redefine work with Nest Workspaces!

Other Information

Co-Working Space Rates

  • Passes
    • Day Pass: ₱400
    • Week Pass: ₱1, 500
    • Flexi Pass (8 days passes consumable within 3 months): ₱3, 000
  • Monthly Membership: ₱5, 500
  • Reserved Desk Add-on: ₱1, 000 per month
  • Private Booth: ₱20,000 per month 
    • Additional Members Add-on: ₱5, 500
  • Private Office: ₱20,000 per month
    • Additional Members Add-on: ₱5, 500


  • Infinity Wall: ₱9, 000/ 4 hours minimum
    • ₱2, 500/ succeeding hours
  • Podcast Room
    • ₱3, 000/ 4 hours minimum
    • ₱900/ succeeding hours
  • Multipurpose
    • ₱2, 000/ 2 hours minimum
    • ₱1, 250/ succeeding hours
  • Entire Space
    • ₱14, 000/ 4 hours minimum
    • ₱27, 000/ 8 hours
    • ₱39, 000/ 12 hours
    • ₱3, 500/ every succeeding hour

Meeting Room

  • Small Meeting Room
    • 6 pax, ₱400 per hour
  • Large Meeting Room
    • 12 pax, ₱900 per hour


Exact location: Nest Workspaces, B1, Horizons 101, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City

BY BUS: From Colon Street or Carbon, ride 17C, 04C, or any jeepney that is en route to Mango Avenue. Ask the driver to drop you off at Horizons 101.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “NEST Workspaces” in General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City. The workspace is located in the basement of Horizons 101. Parking space is available.

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