#PJO: Rick Riordan Releases Sneak Peak Of the Percy Jackson Cookbook

Calling all demigods and monsters! Gather up at the dining pavilion as Uncle Rick releases a snippet of the Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook!

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Get ready for a culinary adventure! An exclusive recipe for the infamous Sally Jackson signature blue pancakes has been unveiled on the Read Riordan official website. The highly anticipated Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook is set to hit the shelves this coming September 24, 2024, featuring over 60 mouthwatering recipes by the Eisner and GLAAD Award-nominated co-creator of Chef’s Kiss, Jarrett Melendez.


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Blue is Percy’s color, and it reflects on his pancakes as Sally, his mom, makes them to prove to his rude stepdad that anything can be blue. So, in this epic cookbook, the first recipe would be for the blue pancakes, but make it vegetarian as it is made of hearty and whole-grain ingredients such as whole wheat and rolled oats. If you want the full ingredient list and the steps on how to make the legendary pancakes, head to the official ReadRiordan website to be guided by Chef Melendez.


The world of Percy Jackson is filled with god-worthy delicious blue foods, and the pancakes are just the start. In the book, there were times when Sally would make a blueberry smoothie for Percy or a blue birthday cake, blue cupcakes, blue chocolate chip cookies, and even blue tortilla chips. The tradition has reached fans, and it became a trend wherein fans made blue food during the first-week release of the Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus.

Photo from RiordanReads Official Facebook Page

As we eagerly await the release of the Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook, we can’t help but wonder what other Camp-Half Blood dishes await us. Perhaps an exclusive recipe for DIY blue sour candy or a unique twist on a classic with blue Coke that tastes just as normal as a regular Cola. Who knows?

So grab your aprons, sharpen your celestial knives, and feast like a demigod with the Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook this September!

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