#ThePeopleOfCebu: Reasons Why Some Sugboanons Prefer to Work In BPO

We went behind-the-headset and asked our “Bayaning Puyat” in Cebu why they chose a job in BPO!

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In the vibrant city of Cebu where opportunities were as numerous as the challenges faced, ten individuals from different backgrounds found a standard solution for financial sustainability—BPO jobs.

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Balancing Studies & Work

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Regine Mae Banas was a hardworking student who needed money to pay for her tuition as she takes a caregiver course. She realized that a job in the call center industry would help her cover her school expenses and manage her studies simultaneously.

On the other hand, Lovely Potot was a custom administration graduate with a background in logistics and saw that working in BPO Jobs was related to her course. Therefore, she grabbed the opportunity as it also provided her a good income and allowed her to use her skills in a related field.

Lastly, Elijah Perez, both studying and supporting his sisters’ education, realized that working in a call center would allow him to support his family better and ensure his sisters could continue their studies without financial worries. He gets to have his own finances intact while also splurging for his siblings and fam openly.

Returning Home to Better Pay

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Angel Lariosa had just returned from working abroad. She found out that the pay at call centers in her home country, the Philippines, was better than what she earned overseas. So, as a promise to herself to achieve financial stability, Angel applied and took the job.

Just like Angel, Jovie Casas also noticed that call center jobs offered higher pay than other jobs and companies. Therefore, to help her improve her living conditions and plan for a secure future, she took the plunge into the industry and is on her way to financial freedom.

Supporting the Family

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Antonette Rodriguez needed money to support her family and she’s looking for work that would provide a stable income. In comes the announcement for a call center hiring opportunity and she welcomed it with open arms. Now, she’s earning enough to support her loved ones and meet their needs.

While, mom, Gayle Oberes, found that call center jobs paid more than traditional office jobs. The difference in salary was important to her because she wanted to become financially independent and support her daughter and family.

Achieving Financial Stability Alone

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Sheene Craus was living alone and needed to pay for her living expenses. She realized that a call center job would help her manage her costs as an independent person and achieve financial stability.

Michel Yap and Cielle Cinco both had many bills to pay. They needed a steady job to cover their expenses. Michel found that working in a call center gave him a reliable income to manage his financial responsibilities and plan for a better future, while Cielle was able to handle her obligations and achieve financial security.

Common Goals: Achieving Financial Stability Through BPO Jobs

Despite their different backgrounds and challenges, each of these individuals shared the same goal of achieving financial stability. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs gave them the stable income, opportunities, and support they needed to face their challenges and work toward a secure future.

So, how about you Sugboanons? What’s your story and why did you take on a job in the BPO industry? Share to us in the comments below!

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