Pedestrian & Traffic Personnel in Lieu of Demolished Skywalk

The sudden resumption of the skywalk relocation in Osmeña Boulevard on Friday, February 16 caused road closure and heavy traffic. Commuters aired out their complaints for the inconvenience it caused. 


After nearly a year of discourse and planning, the demolition of the first of the two Cebu City Skywalks along Osmeña Boulevard has finally resumed after its temporary disruption on December 7, 2023. The demolition of the two skywalks is said to take around 18 days, the BRT Phase 1 project focal person,  Engineer Jomar Doque, said.

The closed portion of Osmena Blvd. for the skywalk relocation finally became passable on Monday morning, February 19.


The skywalk between Robinsons Fuente and VSMMC Blood Services Unit – Satellite used to be one of the safest ways to cross the wide street of Fuente. The demolition of this skywalk leaves a question on how one can safely cross the streets. 

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Councilor Gerry Guardo, the infrastructure committee Chairman said that a pedestrian crossing will be built by the CBRT contractor.

To ensure a smooth traffic flow and avoid accidents, traffic lights will also be installed together with the pedestrian crossing. 

However, installation and construction will coincide with the completion of package one of the CBRT projects.

On the other hand, Guardo proposed that traffic personnel be deployed to help pedestrians in crossing the street. 

The councilor also emphasized the convenience of flat-surface pedestrians than skywalks, especially for senior citizens. 

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