Oral Health Month: Yes, Your Dentist Can See What That Mouth DID!

Brush, brush, brush, three times a day!

June is Oral Health Month, a time to focus on how important good oral hygiene is for our health.

Dentists can often tell if someone has been involved in particular ACTIVITIES because of the  certain signs in the mouth. Y’know, the types of food or things you placed in your mouth!

Nobody’s Gonna Know – THEY’RE GONNA KNOW!

Just when you thought you can lie your way to admitting that you flossed or did something before your visit to the dentist; you really can’t. So, let’s check out how dentists are able to know, without asking further questions from you:

  • Small red spots – These are tiny red or purple spots that can show up on the roof of the mouth and can be caused by irritation.
  • Cuts and bruises – The soft parts of the mouth like the lips, tongue, and inner cheeks might have bruises or small cuts from intense or repeated contact.
  • Patients History – Dentists see a lot  of different issues and learn to recognize the patterns. Overtime, they get good at figuring out what might cause certain signs.

Your dentist isn’t just interested in fixing teeth. Dentists are there to help you keep your mouth healthy and will keep anything they notice  confidential. If they see signs of trauma, they just want to make sure everything is okay and give you the best care possible.

Besides visiting your dentist, keeping good oral hygiene at home is also important. Don’t forget that water helps wash away food particles and bacteria from your mouth.

Oral Health Month reminds us of the important role dental health plays in our lives. Take this opportunity to prioritize your mouth’s health and keeping it healthy; and also, keeping it from showing to your dentist what DAT mouth do!

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